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    Just thought I would share. I have been using this 1000 lumen flashlight on my Motored bike with great results. Its a kd C8 from kai domain but you can get different versions of similar lights that perform the same on Ebay . It runs off of one 18650 rechargeable battery and on medium it provides more than enough light to light the road way at 25 mph . On high its incredible and I have had cars flash me to turn it down . Flashlight plus charger and two batterys cost under 30 dollars shipped and was well worth it. when i get were im goin I undo the flash light and slip it back in my belt holster. I have run it for over an hour on medium so far with plenty of light available. I carry an extra battery in the tool bag just in case.

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  2. Sgt. Howard

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    What voltage batteries are these 18650s? And how common are they?
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    the batteries are about 4.2 volts ea. fully charged and run about 7 dollars a pair. they are pretty much only found on line, I have not seen any locally but if you browse the flashlight forums , they are are common in high lumen flashlights.
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    Could you provide a link to purchase these things?
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    Flashlight forums?
    ummm, there are forums for flashlights?
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    I researched the flashlight I got here It got good reviews. My model may have have been updated because the link I used to buy mine does not work, Ill do a little research then post the link after supper
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    this is the same light I have , from the same supplier, you still have to buy two 18650 battery's and a charger that should run about 16 dollars for both,at least when i bought mine about 6 months ago.
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    How much you wanna bet that the flashlight guys are stunned with wonderment that there are motorized bicycle forums...
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    If you read CandlePowerForums you'll see people arguing about which Chinese manufacturers make the best stuff, how people mix & match components to create better performance, and several members who crank out custom parts in the machine shop and sell them to other members.

    Why does that sound so familiar? :thinking:
  12. skipS

    skipS Member is a great site to get the info on really cheap extremly powerfull flashlights. I paid 10.65 USD shipped for my focusable work flash light . It outperfoms my co workers Surefire 80 dollar flashlight.
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    They're 3.6V batteries, not 4.2V. All 3.6V/3.7V LiIon batteries show a fully charged state of about 4.2V.
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    oh so they are 4.2 fully charged?? Isnt that what I said ....GEEEEZ :dunce: