Awsome Evinrude bike

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by biketec, Oct 31, 2008.

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    That thing totally rocks!
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    I absolutely agree!

    My nephew goes deep sea fishing off the Oregon coast (30 miles out or more) in a 16 foot open aluminum boat with an outboard all of the time. He also buys, renovates, and re-sells older fishing boats and motors in his spare time. Last year he was telling me about a 1952 Johnson outboard he'd gotten, that had the prop mount and 90 degree bevel gear casting on the prop shaft cracked off of it - said it ran great, but getting a replacement casting was nigh onto impossible. I suggested he use it to motorize a bicycle.

    He thought I was crazy. He did, however, tell a biker friend about my suggestion, and gave the guy the engine. Last I talked with my nephew, he said the guy was using a drive arm from one of those tree sized weedeaters the electric companies use to keep vegetation back from their lines to build a delta trike powered by that engine mated to a Datsun 510 sedan rear end. I'd love to see that thing.
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    I have seen that bike in person.
    The owner used to bring it out to the monthly Long Beach (Calif) Motorcycle-Bicycle swap meet. Quite a creation.
    An old style air cooled outboard would make a good motor for a bike.
    Might be able to mount it on the rear and put a sprocket on the shaft.
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    kind of makes me wonder -- of all the many far out MB (things)

    that have been built up over the years

    and never even had there picture taken

    ride that --------- THING