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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by juliman, Nov 20, 2010.

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    hey guys, i have had another dumb idea that would require more money than sense or brains lol:whistling: but anyway, because the guys over on another forum(thumpertalk) put pumper carbs on their big xr400s an stuf, why not somehow design and make a pumper carb for a MBc:rambo:even though it isint the best idea it would be an awsome for sh$ts and giggles kinda thing, because a pumper carb would make you be awsome lol, you would be putting along just above idle then suddenly you feel a violent urge so you snap the throttle open then whammm0:death:eek:r awsome wheelie down the street or bang u died and engine is forever lost lol, ok ill stop rambling now lol dont start raving about me it is just an idea lol =0

    p.s i dont even know if these china engines would even do much, probably die when you open the throttle, cuz of some stupid reason lol... btw wish me luck healing cuz i lost the top half(pretty much to the top knuckle) of my ring ringer in a chain( on a 1977 xl100 postie bike lol) so beware of chains !!!!!!!

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    Walbro with case pulse power is a cheap pumper carb.
    I use a gp 460 and it has one.
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