Axle and Bearing Help.

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Bill P, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Bill P

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    Finally got the proper bearings for my build 17mm I.D, the axle is 17mm, in trying to install the axle the bearings are very tight, won't go.I was wondering how much persuasion is ok.I have not tried tapping them on yet as I am being very cautious with this project.The bearings are getting stuck on the axle within the first 1/2".Any thoughts/help appreciated. This is a Staton crank shaft kit btw.

  2. darwin

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    No way is an axle 17mm in dia. Usually 10mm or 3/8ths. Any pics? And no don't be tapping on anything till we get this settled. Others will chime in who know more. Tapping can only lead to screwing up if clueless.
  3. Bill P

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    Darwin, I got the axle in. I had to hit it with some 220 grit then 0000 steel wool, it went right on then. I am waiting on some snap ring pliers to finish up. I am having some trouble figuring out the front gear box support as Staton sent me the wrong hardware, with the crank shift kit the front support is also used to align the chain, most pics I see guys are using coupling nuts but I did not receive any, his customer service is horrendous. I was thinking about using a length of threaded rod which would make it east to align the chain and lock in place with nuts on each side.The axle or spindle is in fact 17mm, pretty hefty, it's here

    Thanks for the reply !!