AZ: Anyone Know Where To Buy Metric All Thread?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by col.hep, Jan 27, 2010.

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    So i went out to day to shop for the M8X1.00 all thread needed to replace my head studs. I went to 4 different places and no one carries it. I went to Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, And Copper State Nut And Bolt Co. Every place told me that all thread is going to be really hard to find in the USA. I have seen several posts about how its a good idea to replace your head studs with high quality American parts. Now i was wondering if anyone in AZ knows where to pick this up at?

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    If you can't find a place for specialty connections, I'd suggest calling a tool and die or machine shop for help.

    I needed all-thread for a different use, bought two long bolts, cut off the heads, and took it to a neighbor who had a metric tapping set, to get the thread on the cut end to start right.
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    check out the studs they have, you may find proper studs instead of using threaded rod.
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    Try a welding or machinest supply. Im found one easy in Little Hammond, LA so they are likely available anywhere. Your local hardware store if they are any good will knowm the place where you can find things they don't carry and will give you some information.

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    That was exactly what i needed!! Thanks Guys.
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    yes McMaster.. I still have about 12ft of 6mm .. anyone need some?
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    $10 for 3 feet of 8mm doesn't seem unreasonably to me.
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    If you need any just shoot me a PM...I'll match or beat their price including shipping. 6mm and 8mm I don't gouge you guys on shipping either. I ship the roller mod for $2.00....