AZ Ped fest Nov 1-3

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    My Goped crew is putting together a 3 day fest and I thought I'd invite some of the local guys to the race day! We are setting up a drag race style event for one of the days as well as a ride from Apache jct to canyon lake! People are coming from all over the country and a few international visitors are a possibility as well, We have some Harley Davidsons accompanying us to the lake so all are invited! I'll post a link to the thread on billetboard. I'm riding my bike on the ride to the lake but I'll be on my goped for race day most likely, but I'm unsure. I'd want the motor from my bike on my ped so who knows I'll probably just have both for race day and leave the ped in my trunk for the lake run.!!ALL-INVITED!!!-(Nov-2013)

    Now I have to fix the clutch on both of my rides " keep snapping chains on the ped ", " the bike just needs a lower stall " springs are in my mail box for the bike. I'll need a new mount for the ped if I'm going to leave the ported-piped 29cc on it, or I do have a 78mm mount so I could borrow the bike's R460 :)