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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by try1897, Dec 3, 2008.

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    It cost alot of money to go my ticket was like fifty five plus a five dollar fee for the ticket company so the two of us 120 dollars plus gas to get there and parking well you get the ticket. B B King and his Blues Band. The Band started at 8:00 pm with a couple of blues numbers featuring the bands horn section that were out of sight. Awsome and very loud in the confines of Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown Md. It's a small place that seats about 1,200 and is an old ornate (beautiful) place. We were in the cheep seats all the way up in the balcony but thats a good seat in a small place and we had the added bonus of being in the last row so we could stand and not bother anyone behind us. BB King came on and everyone cheared... The site of him walking out on stage (they actually helped him on and off stage cause he's old )... 83 to be exact... I know this cause he told us.... anyway the site was enough to bring a tear to my eyes. He's a cool old dude... But he is old and he asked if it would be OK if he sat down cause after all he is old and I said sure get the man a chair ..After all he is the King ...and they did and he sat and played old blues songs and just blew us away ......He also told us stories of his growing up and growing old and made me cry some more.... If you are into blues this is a show you gotta go see... He will make you laugh and he will make you cry....You will hear some awsome blues and be totally entertained...and when all is said and done ....120 bucks ain't that much money... After all he is the King... It was well spent.........Tom and Gypsy Jeanie.......

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    Well, that's cool. It does sound neat.

    And in these days $55.00 for an act with any name recognition is a bargain.