Babby boomers? Gen X? Gen next?.....what does it matter anymore.

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  1. Stan4d

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    I have had interaction with the twentysomethings of today.
    They seem to take me as one who grew up in the fifties. They think that anyone that remembers typing class, three network channels and life before MTV (Forget when MTV actually played music like it was supposed too), are ancient. Heck I am only 41!
    What they also forget is that the massive growth of technology to allow them the comforts they have, we gave to them.
    Does it matter any more......did we do what we did for them so that they could become slackards without a care in the world and no idea how to support themselves with out these trinkets?

  2. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Ah yes, the young, I was once one myself, ya know. I remember seeing the older generation the same way Generation Now sees me, boy was I stupid then. Things never change, all new generations see their predecessors in the same light, then they become their predecessors and things change.

    Technology is great but too much reliance on it can make one susceptible to extinction should a great catastrophe strike. We are not propagating our heritage as rugged self sufficient individuals, pity.
  3. will_start

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    This oughta be good.
    Every generation has to upset the previous ones, its their job.

    As far as Gen Y X Z Boomers, etc,
    they're all marketing terms...
  4. augidog

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    over the hill...where cool takes on a whole new meaning...

    for a brief time, after i made it to 40 or so, i really felt the generation gap..."was i really that dumb when i was 20?"...answer: YES!

    but what happened to the regular gap where the old step aside to make room for the young? i mean, how the heck did things get so EXTREME!?

    MTV was pretty cool when it, it's packed with shows about young men & women being "bad" for bads' sake...and the 10-16 year-olds they're targeting, they look up to these cool older young-folks as role-models.

    and cell-phone commercials showing a boyfriend & girlfriend sitting back to back texting one another.

    and youtube allowing violent crime to be sensationalized.

    and "reality" shows making gang-life and prison look cool.

    and on and on...what happened? did humans finally run out of "cool" things to do, and all that's left is "stoopid" ?

    imo, the next next-generation is totally scrood, man they just don't have a chance in hades of realizing real-life with the examples they're being shown.
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  5. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    not me... I fully respect the ww2 generation, its the "peace and love not war" generation that ruined it for me. IMO my generation is a bunch of losers with no motivation or skills and high expectations for themselves. What do you expect from us... we are the first American product of the great liberal experiment to be raised in the indoctrination from birth.

    You older guys in your 50's are fully responsible for us. While you and mom were at work, we were on the internet learning how to make bombs out of drano and looking at porn.

    Instead of learning about GOD, our founders, science, and math... we were learning about evolution and tolerance.

    Instead of playing baseball and soccer outside, we watched ted turners nickelodian and played sega genesis.

    Dont complain its all your gereations fault...
  6. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    There is a problem with that line of thinking. You see what went wrong. You even listed the cause of some of the problems. Yet you do not seem to list how you can overcome the problems, and only blame the older generation of the 60's.
    If you are a product of the "peace and love generation" you have to admitt that the "peace and love generation" is a product of the WW2 generation.
    Also it should be noted that the guy's in their 50's were not fully into the peace and love movement.....They were around 10 when Vietnam ended....if you wanna blame disco then you might have a point.

    I would like to note that it has been said here, and say that I agree, everyone seems to have the same attitude towards the previous generation at one point in their life. Augi did bring some interesting point to light.
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  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    not exactly MY fault, i'm childless by lifelong choice...but yaknow i do think "my" generation was the first to live beyond means as a practice. snowball downhill and all that...yes you were handed a short deck but now that you have, and recognize the problem, the choices from this point are all yours...change is difficult but not all that hard once you get started...

    or..."you" can just let things go as they are, which was "our" biggest mistake...and then someday you can try to explain to your pasty-complected mush-brained offspring that it wasn't "your" fault ;)

    yes, every last one of "you" too makes a choice whether to get sucked into the screen or go outside & play, and you have to admit that those uncomfortable feelings of "is this all there is?" in the back of your mind are there for a reason...if something doesn't exactly feel right, then it prolly ain't.

    stay in school (or go back and complete it), QUIT beating up the teachers & each other...LEARN how to communicate, EARN a living, VOTE responsibly & PAY your taxes so's to properly educate the next generation...STOP the slide...or don''s up to you now.

    play that crazy music as loud as you want...let some air out of a few tires now & then...sneak a beer, i don't care...i'll deal with the gap like any old codger, i'll shake me fist at ya's & tell you about when i was a kid...that's ok, that's life...but geez-loo-EEZ this stuff you're all into these days ain't life at all, not by a long shot.
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  8. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    We all hate the younger generations, don't we?
    I thought that I had a lot to say on this subject, but I don't. I think that we're improving with each generation.
    The 'peace and love' generation are those running the world at the moment and not doing a bad job of it compared to in past times.
    I can't wait for the more environmentally-aware youngsters to take the stage.
    In my short 51 years on the planet, I've seen a massive positive change in attitude from generation to generation, in everything from military activism to green environmentalism.
    That trend will only continue, thanks to the younger generations. Who cares whether they're generation X, Y, Z or whatever, as long as we keep progressing in that direction.
    A very good friend of mine, a JW, tells me that the world is getting worse, but I have trouble believing it.
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  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Hi Stan4d

    I'm just a nipper at 39 (ok, going for the big 4.0. in September) but the older i get, the more vocal and militant are my thoughts on the older generation that carry social and moral values from the 1950's.

    I've had a gutful of the liberal generation that's taken us far more backward, than the older generation has propelled society forwards.

    It seems teenagers and 20-somethings know little more than to send endless text messages and download insanely irritating ring tones for their mobile phones - they know little else and education seems like some far fetched idea of yesteryear.
    It seems that's all they are interested in, oh yes, and whole heartedly getting involved in substance abuse; with not a thought as to the long term effects.

    It's really bad out there, considering i'm a high school dropout.

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  10. AussieSteve

    AussieSteve Active Member

    I agree on the mobile phone and ring-tone issue, but that's only a fad. We had our share of those.
    I do disagree with the modern ideas on credit - if you can't save for it, you can't afford it.
    Still, while many fit the ring-tone and substance-abuse stereotype, many don't and they'll be the shakers and movers in the future, not the bums.
    And you can't argue that the world, overall, is getting better in terms of humanity, medicine, life-span etc. (Forget the idea of rating a country's worth by it's economy, that's BS.)
  11. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    ok maybe not 50's, try 60's???

    and dont get me parents are reformed "flower children" (well maybe not my dad). I have a good education, marriage, and career founded in GOD. Its all of my friends that I worried about and had to see suffer. I see where all of their lives went.

    Its amazing to see what all the people I know from high school are doing right now.... I can go on for hours. 4 of them are dead, 2 are brain damaged, 2 of them are struggling with heroin (one of them has hep from the needles), 1 is a hustler porn star, one guy ended up being a pedo and is serving federal time for child porn, many multiple single mothers that still party at bars... really I can go on for hours, that's just the beginning. Its to the point where I dont talk to any of them anymore... I try to avoid all of the people I know from high school... how sad is that???

    Its like the baby boomer generation had such a good childhood that they couldn't appreciate what society had for them as adults so they revolted with the counter-culture.... now we teach kids that 3rd place is as good as first, there is no GOD, we evolved from apes, and that you should get a free education house and car as a constitutional right.

    Why does it surprise anybody that we have a whole generation that either doesnt want to work, or has no job skills and wants a 60k job????

    how to overcome the problem... one parent stays home and actualy raises the children. Doesn't have to be the women, whoever has the least earning potential should stay home. Put GOD back in the schools and government, restrict the internet/tv/phone time and replace with music dance or sports, teach kids something about real history science and math not tolerance and bogus agenda driven garbage, and lower taxes on business.

    I think that would be a good starting point towards a more productive society. I will explain why if anybody really needs me too.
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  12. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i'm not surprised, it's very predictable human behavior

    and i know why everyone's so angry about future prospects.

    yes, family values...TWO-parent households must make a parent at home, one out earning income, i believe homemaking and caring for the family is an honorable vocation...gotta fix the economy first tho for that to work...way to do that imo is live below's not how nice the house is, but how nice it is inside the home what matters, eh?

    it's easy, guys...just wear a raincoat every time until you're married for sure.

    vtec, this is a side of you we don't often get to see 'round here, and if it means anything i must say i see you in a new light. don't be afraid to be "mean" to your friends about what they're up to and who they're doing it with..."avoidance" has a lot to do with many of our woes...speaking up isn't the popular stance, but the way i see it there's nothing left to lose and plenty yet to win :cool2:
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  13. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    nope... I gave up on my friends a couple of years into business school. I gave up on my generation sometime after that, right around the ushering in of "change and hope".

    I would rather spend my time with my wife and daughter, or in the garage wrenching on cars and mb's.
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    pardon my saying so, then...and so the circle goes. trust me, this i know: lots of lost souls are only truly lost when everyone gives up on them.

    but i still have a new view of you i didn't have before, and it's clear there's plenty of hope for your daughter :cool:
  15. kerf

    kerf Guest

    Hmm, kerf the baby boomer, flower child, peace and love. Yeah, that's me all over.
  16. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    As suprising as it may seem to you, we are actually of the same generation. Many of the problems you cited are the exact same ones I have delt with. Though there was an omission of the froup that is still chasing the materialistc dream. (I gave up on that when I realized that when I am gone, so is the wealth I acumulate).
    Your solution I agree with and already practice. My wife is a stay at home mother, and she homeschools our daughter. (due to a problem we had with our school district....they actually lost her on her first day of school and she was found walking alongside the highway...figure we would rather teach her at home than risk her not coming home.) Yes it is difficult. But there is always a diversion that is affordable.
    There may be over 15 years seperating us in age, but it sounds like we are almost the same.....wild isn't it.
  17. fasteddy

    fasteddy Member

    Funny you guys are talking about the same things I heard in the fifties when I was growing up. Seems the problems remain but the generations move along.

    Oh and drug use ain't new. Union soldiers were given opium for thier wounds and it was put in prescriptions by doctors for everything up until the early 1900's, creating a whole level of drug dependent people. Some from babyhood.

  18. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    Like Augi, I'm seeing vtec in a new light. If only more people would think the way he and Stan4d (and many of the others in this thread do) the world would be heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, like vtec, I feel that a great many (too many) people nowadays haven't got a clue. People are also far too quick to blame others for the mess they might be in. Sometimes it is justified, sometimes they only have themselves to blame. But the thing is, they're playing the blame game instead of doing something about it. You have to make lemonaide from the lemons life deals you.
    Augi makes some very good points, to quote: "stay in school (or go back and complete it), QUIT beating up the teachers & each other...LEARN how to communicate, EARN a living, VOTE responsibly & PAY your taxes so's to properly educate the next generation...STOP the slide...or don''s up to you now."
    I cannot agree more.
  19. give me vtec

    give me vtec Active Member

    don't frequent the CC much??? I bet my comments here dont surprise simon one bit.
  20. kerf

    kerf Guest

    What new light, you're just a old meanie. You've even made me cry three times.