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    I was searching to see if anyone has ever used a baby seat to conceal their rack-mount motor. I only found one reference to the user 'davidsis' from 2007 but there was no discussion on it.

    Has anyone modified a plastic baby seat to conceal their motor? Any heat/melting issues? Pictures?

    Rack-mount motors are already fairly stealthy but I think the addition of a baby seat would make it virtually undetectable to anyone who wasn't looking closely.

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    hi kymics,

    just as i read your post i went into the garage and found an old bell rear child carrier i had used once or twice deemed the thing to dangerous and bought a trailer instead.

    i have a gebe setup using a tanaka 32cc kit. The engine sits of the right hand side of the rear wheel. It would be possibly by either moving the engine forward under the seat or by hacking of the right leg rest of the baby seat.

    The i was thinking if you are riding on the inside of the right lane, yes the body would cover up the engine kit, which would conceal it from drivers to your maybe...

    the problems encountered might include air cirulation for the engine, i dont thing melting would be a problem so long as you modified the seat to leave plenty of room for the exhaust. On the gebe system the belt might be an issue on the left hand side.

    I have seen some of the members use milk crates to good effect and even hide their drive systems be it chain or belt using panniers so search like crazy and you find these clever disguises throughout the fourm.

    I was going to give that chair away to a thrift store but now i have another project on my hands, just looking at it the rear of the chair would be a perfect place to mount rear lighting.
  3. Fit that baby seat over your engine and cut the necessary holes. Then get a lifelike baby doll and fit it right over the engine. Have the pull starter come out of the baby's chest and have the intake and the exhaust come out of the... never mind.
    It would work. Show us some pics!!
  4. SirJakesus

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    And get pulled over for riding like a maniac with a child on board :)
  5. Maybe just get a teddy bear! People will not see that as peculiar. They will see that you love your teddy bear.
    And that's a good thing!
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    OMG--that's too funny! I'm just glad I live in a state where I don't feel that I have to conceal my killer hobby... :smile:
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    well that baby seat idea of yours helped me find a solution to mount a brake light at the back of the bike....

    the problem with rack mounts is that you loose the rear cargo space above the wheel.. so i had been wondering how to mount a light behind the engine without having to attach brackets to the engine support .

    Stripped the old baby seat down to the frame, a couple of bends to the tubing to go around the engine and i had a secure mount for a brake light. The cool thing about it is that the height it is around eye level with any drivers behind me....

    whats great about this fourm is no matter how crazy your ideas might sound someone somewhere might just benefit from your suggestions.

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  8. kymics

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    Good stuff. Is your brake light tied into the brake levers on your bike? I'm interested to hear what people have used and if they're happy with the results.

    I wouldn't mind having to mount a battery but some sort of regenerative friction system using LEDs would make the most sense in terms of low maintenance.
  9. vegaspaddy

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    at first i was using a switch that came with those cheap signal/brake lights from china,but after surfing around i saw one of the other guys had used the brake lever from an e bike kit to activate his.

    since i had put a e motor on my wifes trike i remembered it had come with wired brake levers which i never used, fished them out of the box and sure enough they work perfectly, alot more reliable than the cheap switch that had been attached to the rear wheel brake cable. plus the light comes on when either lever is pulled..sweet...

    works great you should be able to find the levers from any electic kit vendor

    my system is currently been run by a 14 volt bike lights i bought on ebay a couple of years ago similar to this, rechargeable and fits in bottle cage.

    in the process of rigging up the new brake light and a 12 volt car horn which just about blew my ear drums out, some serious noise damping for that baby. the light was a 5 dollar purchase from wally world by far the best bang for the buck so far although the horn a close second costing $11.
  10. kymics

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    Thanks for that helpful information, I never thought about scooter brake levers but that's such a simple solution and makes things more professional.

    I like the GEBE system and it's likely the one I'll end up getting but it sure doesn't provide much in terms of mounting additional equipment at the back. I was thinking about potentially using one of those seat post bars to tack a brake light and turn signals on to.

    That's cool that you're planning to put a heavy duty horn on your bike, I bet you'd shock anyone who crossed your path because they wouldn't be expecting a lion's roar from a kitten :smile: Good for safety though because a puky little horn probably wouldn't be heard from a moving car with the windows up. What sort of button are you planning to use for the horn?
  11. vegaspaddy

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    check out the switches on the electricscooterparts website, planning on using something similar to the magura push switch rugged and designed to be mounted on the bars perfect for the bike. After reading many reviews about availabe bicycle horns and how useless they are traffic it was an easy and cheap decision to buy the horn from the auto store, all i have to do is dampen the noise and will probably mount it by the bike stand .

    i have had my gebe engine setup for about 3 months know and i love jumping on the bike and going for a ride. the whole setup is excellent quality no matter which engine you decide to go with, there is a ton of info in the fourm which will help you no end, and plenty of support to help you get it up and running.

    getting close to having my bike the way i want it, but the problem is when you see what other members have done with there bikes it sparks another light bulb.

    i would have used one of the seat bar mounting racks perfect for mounting lights, carrying stuff etc. but i have a suspension post on the bike so the mount wont fit on.
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