Back again from South Australia!

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    Hi guys,

    i was on here a few years ago but after moving house a few times and losing my engine kit and moving onto bigger and better things (my 1st passion - cars) i lost interest...

    Due to the price of petrol these days, the prospect of losing my license and finding my 49cc HT again while sorting through some old boxes im back!

    Lots has changed since i was last here with lots of great performance and reliability upgrades now available so apart from getting myself a new bike to put the motor on i will also be getting a few upgrades, on the shortlist so far is a Diamondback Outlook 26" MTB with front suspension and disk brakes, an SPB HD Shift kit, and Rock Solid billet throttle, dual throw brake and new clutch levers as mine got lost somewhere along the way.

    Im also very tempted by a Jaguar CDI, Rock solid reed valve and a decent exhaust but they will come later when funds permit.

  2. Anton

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    Hey welcome back to the hobby and to the forum!
  3. Fabian

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    The three best accessories (next to a SickBikeParts shift kit), are a Walbro style (diaphragm type) carburettor and a Rock Solid Engines reed valve intake and Jaguar CDI.

    Rock Solid Engines has just released a Walbro style (diaphragm type) carburettor and reed valve intake adapter block that allows the diaphragm carby to be fitted to the reed valve.
    The twin needle diaphragm type carburettor does not use jets; allowing easy optimisation of the air/fuel ratio with a simple twist of a screwdriver, instead of spending hours disassembling and swapping out jets, then reassembling the carby, only to find that you need to repeat the process with a test run requiring more rejetting, followed by more test runs and more jetting etc.

    Sometimes this rejetting process can go on for days at a time, involving sacred rituals, alcohol and non prescription drugs, but with a diaphragm carburettor and reed valve adaptor block, people can preserve their sanity and psychological state of mind with a simple twist of a screwdriver.
  4. Fabian

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    A decent exhaust helps greatly if you can get away with it.
  5. bobo333

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    Thanks guys,

    And thanks for all the tips Fabian, i was looking at the different carby options RSE had, makes it much easier if someone else mentions which one is best, will i need a new manifold to go with the Walbro or does the reed valve replace the manifold completely?
  6. Fabian

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    Rock Solid Engines reed valve is a stand alone purchase and the Walbro style diaphragm carburettor and reed valve adaptor block is a stand alone purchase.

    The twin needle diaphragm carby is designed to accept a standard throttle cable, and it's job done; no more messing around with endless sets of jets.
  7. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    The reed valve bolts to the intake port; the reed valve adaptor block bolts to the reed valve and the diaphragm carburettor bolts onto the reed valve adaptor block.
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    Land of the "Stealthbike" :) happy riding M8 from socal.