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    Well after a little time away in which I spent riding my 85 Yamaha Maxim motorcycle I'm back. Last week my best friend/riding buddy had a head on collision with a car that decided to turn right in front of him. He survived the wreck his injury list includes: broken left ankle (8 screws and a plate to fix), staples in both knees, one fractured vertebrae, and road rash but, most importantly he survived. Any way after that my wife decided she couldn't stand the thought of me riding anymore and that it really wasn't worth it so the bikes up for sale/trade for something with 4 wheels and I'm back to riding my motored bike for everything I can. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone again and sharing/gaining some new ideas.

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    sorry to hear of your friend's accident :(
    glad he is gonna be OK :)

    good to see you back here ;)
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    bike mods

    I've been hanging around and reading posts just haven't had much to say lately. But I did finally get around to taking some pics of the mods i performed to my bike. I have to say it's definatly been fun riding the bike again and was very impressed Sunday when I got caught out in a rain storm 20 min. from home it was raining really hard and I thought about stoping until the rain let up but, the bike was running great and there really wasn't anywhere get out of the rain. The bike didn't hesitate once got it home dried it off and rode again the next day. I LOVE my bike....... is that a bad thing?

    I added the leather saddle bags from my motorcycle, "new" modified handle bars, and a crate to the front of the trailer. The last pic shows the hitch someone had asked to see it some time ago so here it is. Just a caster wheel on a metal pipe mounted on the bike and an eye bolt through the cut up front fork on the trailer side. I'm happy with this set up I've got a little over 300 miles on it the way it's set up and so far I haven't had any problems.

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