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    I'm not exactly a newcomer, though most you guys probably won't recognize my name. I was in Florida when I joined and I only posted a few times there. I have now moved to TN. My bike has been very ill for the last 2 years. The little pipe conductor for the carb cable that was attached to throttle grip had sheared off and my cable was just dangling. Bought new throttle and installed it last week, now running pretty good. I still need to adjust idle speed that was set to accommodate the broken throttle.
    I would really like to be more faithful in my postings here and meet some of y'all that have a shared interest in this fantastic hobby. Among other interests are ham radio and reading.
    I'm not exactly a bike mechanic but am learning and in the past I have learned a lot from some of your posts. I am very happy to be back with y'all and look forward to getting to know you all better.

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    Welcome back. Keep us posted.

    Almost nothing related to bikes is too trivial. We can't hardly get enough of it.
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    thanks, bluegoatwoods, for the welcome back. I am excited about getting bak on the road again. Past two years have been more push than ride. I think I got it now. it took replacing my throttle. the little metal tube that conveyed the cable to the carb had broken at the point where it is attached to the throttle. anyway, I got a pretty good ride for two days straight. just over 30 mph without breaking a sweat. :)