"Back in Black" build

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    "Commando Commuter" Trek 3700 build

    I finally received my bicycle engine this weekend. It took two weeks to get here from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It's a Chris Hill engine kit. I just set the engine on the bike for a quick picture.

    I'm planning on painting the engine flat black to match the stealth look of the bike. I need to make a couple of brackets to mount it to the bike because my seat tube and down tube are too big to use the supplied brackets. I might also make my own fuel tank or use a MSR camping fuel bottle because the tank that came with it is too wide and I know I would hit my knees on it when I pedal.

    Anybody have experience using a fuel bottle for bicycle engine? I know I need to buy a MSR fuel pump for this bottle, but I think I'm going to have to buy a MSR stove so I can use the fuel line. I'm not sure if the fuel pump uses a standard fitting or not.

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  2. Just be careful with those mudguards, this type (that connects near the axle) has been known to become loose due to engine vibration, come off at speed and tangle in the wheel (and throw you off). Mudguards that attach directly to the seatpost or front forks are safer for motor-assist bikes.

    Looks great though, I love the black bikes. high temp black radiator paint would work on your engine and also look badass. :)
  3. CJH

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    Thanks for the warning. I didn't even think about that.
  4. did you actually fit the tank on your bike? It actually isn't all that bad for me anyway.
    I would use the red bottle as a reserve tank with pre mix already in there.
    Then other members have placed that stock tank behind the seat on the rack.
  5. NunyaBidness

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    hey CJH
    nice bike ya got there, I am a TREK fan.
    I bet it will do nicely with your motor
    there are some checklists that would help tremendously with your install
    while my motor wont be here until the 14th at the earliest, I have read a LOT over the last few days and have developed a 'game plan' so to speak for my install.
    good luck with yours and here's hoping you have happy motoring in your near future
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    I'd check auto parts store and hardware store before buying a stove for the fuel line. Why do you need a fuel pump? I thought HT's were just gravity feed.
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  7. CJH

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    No, it just looks too wide, but I should try it before I go through all the trouble of making another tank.
  8. CJH

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    You are correct. If you use the stock fuel tank, the carb is gravity fed. But the fuel bottle I want to use requires the use of a fuel pump. You can use any type of petroleum based fuel with these bottles. I mostly want to use one because they take up less space and they come in different sizes.

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  9. motoschwinn

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    I LOVE it!

    The color, and the with a black engine.... With the fenders over the knobby tires, looks like a commando commuter to me.
  10. CJH

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    Ha ha! :lol: I like it! That's a good name for my bike! I'm changing the name of the thread.

  11. CJH

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    Yesterday I painted the engine black with some high temp engine paint. Today I made some mounting brackets and a disc brake mount adapter for the sprocket. I mounted the sprocket to the wheel just to make sure it fit. I need some shorter bolts, but I still need to figure out how thick of a spacer to put between the adapter plate and the sprocket. I also had to cut the center hole in the sprocket larger to fit over the hub disc brake mount. This wheel is both rim and disc brake compatible so I'll still be able to use my rim brakes.

    I haven't figured out what I'm going to use for a gas tank, but I know the stock tank would be too wide to use while I pedal. Especially while climbing a hill standing up.


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  12. jared3377

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    Like that engine!!!

    That engine looks soooooo nice with the black! I'd almost like to do that to mine now! :grin:
  13. darwin

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    CJH I was looking at that fuel bottle and wont it be difficult to fill at a fueling station when your out on the road needing gas?
  14. CJH

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    Thanks, I'm curious to see how well the paint holds up. As for the fuel bottle, I'm not sure. I was thinking I would just have a can of pre-mix gas at home. I'm sure I'll learn what works and what doesn't soon enough.

    Doesn't anyone else have problems with hitting their legs on the stock gas tank? I plan on still riding on bike paths where motorized vehicles are prohibited which means that I will still be pedaling.
  15. NunyaBidness

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    The stock tank has not been a problem for me on CrazyGringos moondog
    it should be mounted as close as possible to the head tube

    of course this does not apply to all bikes, circumstances and options vary with each and every build
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  16. CJH

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    I watched my legs while I was pedaling up a hill and my knees come within 2 inches of the top tube right where the gas tank would be. I'll figure something out.
  17. miletwo

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    I've got a MSR fuel bottle on my front wheel drive friction and love it. 22oz and it will run for over a week before I need to refill (12 mile commute).
  18. CJH

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    Hey miletwo, are you using the fuel pump with it? I would like to see a pic of your setup if possible.
  19. miletwo

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    No, it's a 31cc trimmer motor and the little walbro carb is vacuum draw, so no pump needed.

    I will post pics tonight.
  20. CJH

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    I built a new 1/8" steel tank that I will mount behind my seat at the same angle as the seatpost. I used some 4"x4"x1/8" square tubing that I had at the shop. I cut a length to 6", cut out 1" of the width of the tubing and welded it back together so the size was 4" wide x 3" deep x 6" high.

    I cut the filler bung and drain nipple out of the old tank and welded them on to the new tank. Now I just need to make some mounting brackets and paint the tank black.

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