Back problems?

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  1. machiasmort

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    I'm sure there's more than a few out there w/back issues. I have not had surgery yet and won't till I can't walk. Nonetheless I'm in pretty bad shape.

    Want to get your upper back in place?

    I've got one that keeps popping out, a little higher then my shoulder blades and it's tough to get in...

    Today I was working w/ my ball-peen hammer in the basement and went upstairs, looking for something round and hard to pop my back in place.

    I set the hammer down in order to get the knotted end of my dogs bone (100lb. Doberman)...

    I laid flat on my back and positioned the bone under the part giving me trouble. I raised my hands over my head while lying flat on the ground (face up) and it popped right back in. Hal be it a little uncomfortable (on the very hard bone), leverage from raising your arms puts pressure on the object, forcing your back to move.

    Here's where it gets funny... The dog, seemingly accessing the situation, sees that I've taken his bone... Picks up the hammer and approaches me from the top of my head (still laying down), and drops the hammer square on my face!

    When the stars cleared, he realized he had hurt me, and began licking! This was too hysterical not to share... My back feels better, but at what cost? I'm glad he didn't knock a tooth out! With how hard it hit, I can't believe it didn't whistle on the way down!

  2. Esteban

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    I have back & neck problems . My neck was operated on about 10 years ago & it relieved 90 % of the pain, but there are still 2 more ruptured discs near the base.
    I have a good Chiropractor that helps. Also, I bought an inversion table & have a set of " chin-up " type bars to hang from. Many times, one or the other, can " pop " my back & help me get some relief .
  3. machiasmort

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    I've heard a lot of good about inversion tables!

    Drink a ton of water b-4 you use the table, it works!

    The suction between the vertebrae, caused by the reverse of gravity, pulls water into the discs, increasing height over time!
  4. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    I've got three in my neck that are shot, two in my lower and one right behind my belly button that's been bone to bone for a few years now. That's the one that makes life miserable because it's growing bone spurs and pushing against my spinal chord.

    Swear to God, drinking water helps the most out of anything, although the hammer took my mind off of it for a few!
  5. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

    The biggest reason for my neck surgery was that a spur had my spinal cord mashed completely flat. Sugery repaired it but Dr. told me that if I lived long enough, enough surgery on lower neck would probably need to be done. Two ruptured disks are still there & one has a bone spur almost touching [ 10 years ago ] the spinal cord. I also have lower back problems. I lay back at a 45° angle on the inversion table ,,, relax,, fold my arms over my chect & rock my torso back & forth. This will sometimes " pop " my back into place. Also, on the bar outside , [ could use a tree limb ] I hang just off the ground , letting my boby's weight extend me as much as possible. Sometimes, I use ankle weights to stretch a litlle more. Also, I may swing back & forth . A person with back problems will try many things for relief,,,, just be careful.
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  6. ibdennyak

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    Scoliosis here. Shrunk over an inch in the last 20 yrs. Tried lots of things. Most help to varying degrees. Glucosimine, stretching excercises, etc. Thought about the inversion tables, but never tried it. I've been doing the water thing for other reasons, but come to think of it, I've had less severe problems since doing it. Thanks for the tips.

    At least now I fit in a shorter bed.
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Yeah, scoliosis is a bugger.

    My right arm and shoulder are about three times as massive as the left - legacy of losing my left hand at age 12, and lots of hard physical activity in the years since. So, my back is twisted a bit, and infrequently it gets far enough out of alignment to make using my right hand difficult, due to pinched nerves and pain/numbness. As it is, my motor nerves are badly enough pinched that I no longer have any sensation in or use of my right ring or little finger.

    I learned a trick years ago that helps, usually. I sit sideways on a straight backed chair, right arm over the back with the top of the chair back in my armpit, holding a 5 gallon bucket full of water. It pulls my entire arm and shoulder pretty hard, and the chair back prevents me from leaning sideways at all. It hurts to do it, but 15 minutes of that or so and when I do put the bucket down and swing my arm in circles vertically I can feel things shifting. Usually, that takes care of the problem.
  8. Chris Crew

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    1) stop doing yardwork
    2) put a piece of thick plywood subflooring between your matress and box springs

    This advice from my physician worked out fine for me. I had a pretty sever back injury working on a boat (a very large belt sander and the painter hanging off of the bow were involved---enough said) and my back hurt all of the time for about five years. The second night of sleeping on the stiffer bed and I was healed. The yardwork waiver was just a nice benefit she tossed my way!
  9. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    IBDENNYAK, They don’t call it the nutrient of life for no reason Brother! It works and people don’t do it! Any time you see color when you go to the bathroom, Yellow is not your friend, you need to drink because you’re putting a beating on everything in your body.

    I slept on the floor for several years and noticed my neck was hurting more… gluclosemine helped for a little bit, when I first got hurt, but it’s effects wore off. I used DHEA available at GNC with some results for the effects subsided in about 3 months.

    The one thing I could say that honestly helped more than everything is water, and lots of it!

    Simon, I feel bad because I'm with you on that. Once you quit using one side of your body, the rest falls out of kilter.
  10. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    Oh, I never quit using my left arm and shoulder - it was about as strong as the average guys. It's just that my right arm and shoulder were about 3X as strong - I used to be able to grab the top of a 200 lb bag of grass seed in my right hand and straight-arm it up high enough to set the bottom end on my shoulder, and I could bench press 285 pounds with my right arm.

    No more.
  11. Chris Crew

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    The other pearl of wisdom my doctor gave me (in addition to "you americans sleep in too soft beds") was: "You are not 40 anymore."

    Thanks, Doc.
  12. give me vtec

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    when my back gets messed up I use this...


    I bought one when I was getting my Swedish massage certification. I always have it close by... I even travel with it. It essentially allows you to target your own pressure points in hard to reach areas. It comes with a book on how and where to use it... it takes a couple days of practice but once you find your spots and learn how to target them efficiently, you wont be without one again.

    they are available here
  13. Turtle Tedd

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    Vtec...come on ..I think you were just being a nice guy and not wanting us old guys to be to jealous and feel bad....what you meant to say is that girl is your Swedish masseuse and that blue hook is what you hand your nice bike on , out in the garage.
  14. SimpleSimon

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    Yeah, I'll bet that sweet lil blonde could make me forget my sore back.
  15. Esteban

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    I drink lots of water, too. It is a great help for many alments . You don't want to lay back on an inversion table right after drinking or eating, though.
  16. machiasmort

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    No, you don't! You want to wait til that water is absorbed into your body and out of your stomach.
  17. jacks_bike

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    Best thing I do is exercise bout 3 times per week. Had my back go out. What works for me surprisingly is 10 push ups 3 times per week. - Then I have some weights - just hold and bend your back forward - then back up standing again. - it will strenghten the center of your back. - push ups help alot - you will be surprised and its quite immediate. (not the girly push ups .... also watch how you sit at the computer.