Back rack/Basket

Jan 13, 2018
Here is a solid and lightweight rack at a price that cannot be beat for you toters.
If you're not toting...why?

It comes with two-ended wrench (thin, handy) and allen key. Just be sure to use threadlocker.
Digging the reflector as well. The thing is wide and it is adjustable.

I had a delay in shipping due to the post office but the seller was very eager to help me out and quick to respond, which is always nice.

Just wanted to share my experience, maybe help someone out.

(Wald 139 Front basket is another great option for the toter - very nice & sturdy basket yet not too heavy)



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Sep 23, 2013
That is a versatile rear pannier rack! :)
I got a seatpost mounted rack too, Topeak, IIRC. Like most it didn't have the adjustable legs, so I made legs using some aluminium tube and connected them to the rear fender support hoop I had already fitted (originally the U brace from a crappy Blackburn front pannier rack).

Having the legs to support the rear of the rack really helps and increases its load carrying capacity and it's stiffness. I used to be able to see my saddle move as seatpost flexed when I put weight on the rack, but not anymore. :)

The seatpost mounting method was necessary for my build because I need to carry multiple fishing rods and rod rests/shelter poles (or the three legged stool in the last photo) which need to go beneath the rack to be practical.