Back wheel is wobbly and getting worse

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Anthony Diego, Sep 17, 2016.

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    So my motorized bike is about a few months old and has been starting to develop a wobbly back tire from riding. Its gotten to the point where i feel unsafe to ride it now because it is so wobbly. It's not a mechanical issue obviously, just a regular bike issue since it has nothing to do with the motor or the heavy duty chain.

    I think it might be a free hub issue? or my bearings have finally given out. What can I do? Please help!!!

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    Did you build on a Wallyworld ~$100 Huffy bike?
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    If you have 135mm dropout spacing: Buy a new 26" hardcore DH/jumping/BSX rear wheel with the same hub width (dropout spacing) and four or five _sealed cartridge bearings_ now while MTBers are upgrading to the 29er craze.
    Buy a set of spare bearings to go in that so you can change them immediately when the present ones feel loose.

    Then learn to set cone nuts on your front wheel (it probably needs greasing by now too) by goggling "how to set cone nuts".

    Your rear wheel could have a bent axle and damaged bearing race from riding with the bearings loose (therefore also dirty and lacking grease). A bent axle is replaceable. Even a smashed up ball bearing is replaceable.
    IF the race is damaged, it almost certainly is not replaceable so you need to replace the hub and rebuild the wheel. It isn't worth doing that right now when the MTBers are selling off their "old fashioned" or "too heavy" wheels at the end of the season.
    Goggle for reviews of the wheels you see for sale so you know that you're getting something overbuilt.
  4. take it apart, look inside

    it sounds like it is bad enough you can't make it much worse.

    i wind up fiddling with my bike(s and other stuff) a lot and the right tools always make it even more fun - perhaps even a necessity sometimes

    cone wrenches are such a tool, thin , & only they will do to get that together right - new parts or no i have a 13mm and a 15 (- they also make a pedal wrench - those are an odd thickness as well)

    but there is more than one way to skin a cat - i also have a bunch of donor parts (cast-off bikes) on hand, if you casually mention to people you are looking for old bikes, you too can have a collection
    apparently not much in our society is more disposable than a little pink girls bike, i have gone through dozens of them.
    but i have also recieved a lot of mountain bikes (and bmx bikes)
    people seem to want to get rid of old bikes, just not to throw them away - i fill that need for them, they appear so happy to give them to me
    i attempt (poorly) to keep only the "good stuff"