Back wheel locked up



Hi so I'm very new to working on engines and this seemed doable for me, putting everything together was a breeze but when starting up the bike the accelerator was at max and couldn't be turned down with the throttle so I turned the bike off with the kill switch and gave it another go, next thing I know the back wheel locks up and I am assuming I messed something up, I go back in and realize I have assembled the carberator spring incorrectly, I fixed the issue with that and I'm sure it's fine now as the throttle has spring and I can see the plunger move in the carberator, the back wheel is still locked up the chain does not move with the clutch pulled in and the spark plug out Idk what to do? The cylinder moved down also when I disabled the head and gave it a nudge. Any idea what I can do or if I seized the engine?
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