Wheels Back Wheel locking.

Mar 16, 2008
Turns out it was the master chain link that was stopping it from moving as there was a extra piece on it that made that link thicker then it should of been. I had not noticed this at all till my gf figured it out and pointed this out to me..

So it does run however I have the following problems.

The accelerator handle grip has NO effect on the bike acerbating at all. I tried adjusting the idler but it has no effect..

Try adjusting the cable at the top of the carby........

I have noticed the clutch cable keeps slipping and that the plastic is going through that thing that guides it to the clutch arm and is on the other side of the card.

There should be a metal end on the outer cable to keep it together...

Could the problem of not being able to control how slow or fast it goes without using the brakes to slow it down be related to the clutch not being tight enough.

I dont understand this question????????

Finally the JB weld did NOT hold. The engine heated it up and made it very soft and you can peel it off with your fingers..

Suggestions ?
Sounds like you have a pretty smart girlfriend............



My chain locked up on my bicycle while i was driving to work. I have the spring tensioner. Back wheel just locked up while on full speed. I hit the tar road and the bicycle is messed up. luckily i did not fell on my face. I never thought the tar road could be so hard. Now im to scared to drive fast