Wheels back wheel wobbling all over 2nd time

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I killed 1 wheel this is a new one it was lined up and all now its wobbling a litte as well as I see this is the big deal.
I got me a steal one for more of a hold up and now mine is wobbling as well.
how do i stop that from happening. any tips for the old riders out there.


if I ride the back wheel whan its wobbing would it mass it up more


rear wheel

What rear wheel did you get? 80g with a steel rim? Is id for old-style derailer, or newer "cassette" style? Worksman makes a drum rear free-wheel, that would accept the old style of screw-on gears for multiple speeds. BTW HOW are you s c r e w i n g up your wheels so quickly? The Worksman product is without equal, but if you tell me that you a jumping curbs, running potholes, and other dumb stuff, you had better just buy a pick-up truck and keep aligning the front end.

If you are having this problem under normal conditions, it can be helped.
#1 your weight
#2 riding style
#3 terrain you ride in
#4 your "sensativity" to how much stress you are putting on a relatively inexpensive Chinese bicycle

Let me know, I can probably help you

yes if the wheel is wobling it WILL get worse unless repaired.