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  1. Has any one tried to run one of the china motors backwards. I want to mount the motor facing backwards so that it is behind my wheel w? the chain running forward toward the drive side of the cyclebut i neeed to have the motor run the other way to do it

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    Not impossible. It might just start up in reverse without an issue. I've seen other engines do it. The chain idler should be flipped first.
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    Yeah would be possible. The timing would need to be retarded though. ALso by flipping the engine around you would be able to use the rear bicycle gears?! Hmmm.... thats a really good idea!
  4. exactly! I can do a logical assesment if I can see a good inside shot of the port location and how the mag is located on the the flywheel
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  7. checked the discovery link, confirmed what I suspected now the question becomes how far do I have to retard the timing, and how do I do it on this motor
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    the old harley 2 stroke golf carts would run backwards for reverse. the starter had a forward and reverse switch for starting the engine. the timing would have to be addressed and would be very simple if you had a two stroke guage for the cylinder to set timing.
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    Well Im game to find out. I have a front freewheel crank and a donor bike to use motor. Anyone interested in helping figure this out? I guess the first suggestion would be what frame and how to mount it.
    Lets do it.
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    Would it be easier to reverse the engine, or make a transmission that was geared differently?