Bad Ice

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    We all work hard and save our money for our MB Dream Bike
    Projects. While waiting for our MB projects to happen causes
    us pain. We study the MB Forums for some anwsers to our MB
    Dream Bike Projects. We converse and joke with each other while
    solving problems to our MB Dream Bike Projects. The +/- equals
    out to all in some way or the other, in the unlimited choices to
    our MB Dream Bike Projects. The problems are mostly small and
    to some quite numerous to remedy to get a dependable MB Bike
    Project to ride... but the deciated ones don't give up their dream.
    Bad ice slices like a knive with a forked tongue and causes pain
    to all that encounters it. Stay true to MB Forums. Try giving the
    problems time to work its self out with the vendors even though
    waiting causes us pain. Many MB beginners dreams have been
    destroyed and parted because of bad ice or the MB Dream Project
    Bike ideal simply abandoned before it gets off the ground. Don't
    slip on bad ice and never come back around...and your dream destroyed.

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    i think you have found the hiding place of the deadly ICE 9.