Bad Luck w/ BGF rear friction drive unit

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Whizzerd, Apr 27, 2010.

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    I've bought several BGF HT kits and have been lucky but not so with the rear friction drive ($189.95 shipped free). The unit failed within a few miles. Basically, the drive roller bearing opposite the engine is ruined IMO because the alignment was off and the shaft was forced in causing a slightly bent shaft as well. The front mounting bracket and backer bar were not drilled precisely and the clamp down mechanism deflects the mount so instead of trying to repair it I'll just buy the BMP unit when they're back in stock. The engine and throttle,etc. are OK. I wouldn't recommend this kit.

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    what can I say??? Buy American when you can... the staton kit I put on a bmx mongoose for my nephew gets routinely beaten up everyday by, my 2 nephews and their entire neighborhood full of kids. Not a problem yet with the kit or the eho35.... although the kevlar tire is shot.
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    Yes, I learn from you again my young friend! Was just thinking before I logged on this morning that I'm done with most Chinese venders. I went into the FD unit purchase with eyes open. The engine runs very good for a 2 stroke and the tank is useable. What upsets me is the cheesy way some Hong Kong based bike accessory outfits do business. I'm getting jerked around on some bike light purchases. If motorbikeing continues to grow perhaps, eventually, a rock solid and reasonably priced power train will become available. One positive thing I learned is the FD concept is pretty cool and works great. For someone not interested in alot of tinkering and fitting a decent FD unit might be a good place to start!