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Brakes bad luck with my brakes



I had 2 flat tires last week.
Not sure if I bent my rear rim. I have front and rear Shimano brakes combined into one on the right side.
The problem is I dont know if the rim is bent or the brake is just adjusted wrong. A well meaning passerby messed with the adjuster on the handlebars and now the brake seems to be locked on back tire.
I have tried to fix it myself but cant seem to loosen up the brake with the hand adjuster.
I called Fred the spookytooth recommended mechanic but he said he could only work on the bike if he cold pick it up and take it to his shop. Sounds like an expensive repair if its just a brake adjustment!
I will try once again to fix it with the directions for Shimano brake adjustments but I seriously just wish I had some help!



well, its not obviously bent but as much as i have messed with the brakes i cannot figure out why the tire runs on that one side only...the local bike shop has refused to even look at it because it has the motor...


Is the tire moving to the right? Have you checked for broken spokes? When I didn't tighten my sprocket bolts enough, they worked on the spokes and broke every pulling spoke on the left side. the wheel moved smoothly and evenly to the right until it started rubbing on the brake. I released the brake cable to get home and the tire was just touching the right chainstay by the time I got there.
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Nov 4, 2006
I had 2 flat tires last week.

is your wheel centered on your frame?
when re-installing your wheel, it is easy to get your wheel crooked in the dropouts.
look at the amount of space between your tire & the frame. there are 4 points of reference....the spaces should be equal. If not...adjust your axle in the drop outs until the wheel sits centered. This might require an extra pair of hands to hold the wheel in place while tightening.

after checking/correcting this....then proceed to the link provided by oldpete. http://www.parktool.com/repair/readhowto.asp?id=21

good luck & keep us posted


The wheel was not centered. I centered it, took me about 5 minutes. Also thanks to that great link I adjusted the brakes. They are still a little loose so I will keep playing with them.
Thanks for the help guys!