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Hi all, dues to not selling enuf kits, and the ideas the Whizzer has about how much to make on each item shipped, and other odd-ball business ideas, Whizzer has unilaterally decided to discontinue indefinately the sales of engine kits.

I believe that if some of the people here had shown interest in our ONLY American company, with argueably the BEST kit on the market, we would not be facing this huge disapointment.

Now, if anyone should want to build with Whizzer Power, it will be necessary to strip a Whizzer bike, use the drivetrain, and resell all the bones that are left from the disaster.

What do you-all think?

I'm very disapointed in this decision, I lost the legal rights to Chinese engines, and now the Whizzer.

What business does that leave Whizzer? Does that mean they are closing down? Another symptom of our crumbling economy?
Whizzer's business

Hi Van, Whizzer's main line is the "motorbike" and they have spent 2 years, and a lot of money developing a "chopper" They have no intention of closing down, but it reallt screws me to buy a complete bike, to strip and build mine out of!

Oh, okay, I understand. Yes, I can see how that screws up your situation. I wish there was something positive I could say, but I can't think of anything.
Tattoo YOU

Looks like Whizz is goin down the same way HD did when AMF took over. Too bad. HD came out of it because of the Outlaw following. Just look at the people that are wearing the HARLEY DAVIDSON logos for life!!
WHERE'S WILLY G. WHIZZER anyways....???? Why did the Whizzer become Un Cool??
Are we going to become relics?? Motor Bike Mike for president. Uncle Punk for Secretary of State. I'm going to build a way cooler Chop than these fools that own this company. I have one of the last 6 motor kits. Q is fixin the reactor as I write this. He says it will be one of only 5 ever built... I hope they don't screw up the parts pipeline.

Their drivetrains lack innovation!!!!!!!!!

Hey here are a couple of Bones Mike.

What's a Moto-Head to do!!!!!!
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I have to say the auto clutches Whizzer sells S-**!!! So badly I am beside myself.... No Wonder they are DRAINO!!!
Whizzer autoclutch

Hi Zomby, I don't use auto-clutches. BUT I understand that you need to take it apart(it's new, right?) and see that the tips of the shoes are glazed, and the centers are not. This is due to someone not either grinding the shoes to the right shape, or manufacturing them that way. We used to "arc grind" our drum brake shoes, and you can do the same with a sanding drum (for instance) on a dremel, dress them, ride again, dress again if needed. I recently sold an auto that hooked up and ran very well.

I however, still "smoke the belts" the old way.

Smokin Belts

Thanks for the insight Mike. I have seen the older clutches & they look a much higher quality than this new one. This thing has a rubber washer that doesn't keep the two pieces together. Mine opened up about 1/8 of an inch. Just enough to let dirt & grease inside the drum. It works for about an hour & then begins to slip a LOT. You talk about CHEAP CHINESE!! I hope this doesn't become a trend at the factory. I am returning this to them. It also scuffed up the inside of my guard and chewed up the new belt. Wasted so much time on this that I really hesitate even a replacement.

I wished somebody would bring this company back to the USA before they ruin the rest of the parts.

Oh and whoever put the engine on my bike welded the mounts about an inch to low. There is no more forward adjustment. The rear bracket is to the end of the line. So you see I am stuck with an Auto clutch unless I want to move the mounts. Talk about all the HOMERS out there building bikes. Hidden mistakes in assembly will kill you. Maybe that is why the company doesn't want to sell kits anymore.

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