Bad News from Whizzer USA



Smokin belts, and slippin shoes

HI Zomby, I dunno about the frame you've got your engine in, but am intimately familiar with Factory WMB and of course my own designs.

The engine "swiveling" in the "engine compartment" is an intregal part of Whizzers ability to keep the belts adjusted.

Is your clutch from the WC1 engine, or was it the newer NE5 model? The WC1 clutches were a failure, and have been superceeded by an evolving new clutch. I still will ALMOST always smoke belts, as the belt is adjustable, and infinately repairable, even on the road.

What plans do you have for your Whizzer? I have an NE5 frame (with a little over 200 miles on it), and I have a few Model 10's or I can probably help you "beat yours into submission" if you like.

Let me know what's going on with you.

BTW Whizzer is totally Taiwan-Made, and has been since 1998, and as far as I can determine, under exsisting ownership, will remain so indefinately.

Many things about the Whizzer are wonderful, and some things I just wonder "what the BELL were they thinking?"

I really like mine, the evidence is to be seen in my Model 09, and as soon as I get my act together in the Model 10 Motorcycle, I'm so rediculously excited about all this, that I'm looking into restoring my origional prototype Model 10 and giving it to Wifey!

Incurable, that's what I've been told, but true to form, I did not allow myself to believe it!

I've been doing Motor Bicycles for 8 years or so, and now, only finally now, do I have a bike I'm truly proud of.



Zomby Builder

Ha Ha - Beat it into submission - HA HA

You have a way with words Mike. This bike was built for show & it did win best in show two years ago. Problem with show bikes is they usually are only good for just that. I had a lengthy talk with Dave at Whizz USA & he quaranteed me that this clutch prob will be solved.

It is too late to go back manual. I have modified it too much for that. I switched the rear wheel for a freewheeler so there is a Disk Brake lever now where the clutch used to be. This bike will move & stop on a dime I just have to work this auto clutch thing out.

Zomby Builder


OK I got it worked out. The arm that holds the clutch was about 3/16th more offset than my manual. Call me stupid. That is what was causing the auto to open up. Machined the arm down so that it is the same now. What a difference. Took the glaze off too. Thanks Mike. I'm really liking it now.