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    Hello from Wisconsin! I'm Brian, and I have two bikes currently under construction. A Schwinn Spoiler, and an OCC Stingray. Both will be electric by the end of next year. I hope! The build thread on Endless Sphere is here.
    I hope to start another thread here on the same topic to get fresh input, and brag more about the bikes! I am disabled, due to a motorcycle accident in 1986. Without power, I couldn't even ride a bike. My right leg doesn't bend, and I only have one arm. So for transportation, and because I miss biking, I took on the project above a year ago. Limited funds and working with one hand are my main barriers. The outlook is good due in no small part to members of other forums. I hope you will enjoy reading about my return to biking, and that together we will all prosper. Thanks for reading, and God Bless.
    Brian L.

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    Howdy Brian and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading more about your project.
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    1101112.jpg Hello Happy Valley, thanks and here's a couple pics for now.
    Brian L.
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