Badly vibrating Sky Hawk with 48cc engine.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Pirate Ghost, Jun 15, 2015.

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    I have an 48cc skyhawk bike, i have put NEW piston rings in and NEW gaskets from the block up. While the motor is running it vibrates badly & when you accelerate it worsens. It has an heavy duty chain and pulley system. Unsure about miles on bike motor. Can the wrist pin / bearing go bad or the piston its self??..

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    most 2 stroke motors will vibrate a bit. i had the same problem with my 66cc so i added some spacer type of shock absorbers made from rubber/cork gasket sheeting and put that between the motor mounts and the frame. it noticablely reduced the vibrations. you want to have some kind of padding in there to help, motorcycles have them where the motors attach because those motors vibrate a lot too.
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    while apart, did you notice if crankshaft was shiny or black? the old, black, shafts all vibrate a lot more than newer, machined, cranks

    never use anything soft in motor mounts as that'll give chain problems - use a bit of PVC pipe instead
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