BAFFLED w/Grubee 4 stroke long pipe

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by MotoMagz, May 20, 2009.

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    Ok, I have the grubee long pipe and I decided to cut the end off for looks and what I thought would be a performance and noise boost. Cuz the outlet hole(pic.2) is very small.I got the noise boost and that was it.I cut the pipe(pic.3)thinking there was no baffle.. wrong.There is a baffle(pic.4) when I cut the pipe the baffle was also cut in half(pic.5).So my ? is do I weld it back togother with just whats left of the baffle on the end of the pipe(pic.6) or should I reweld the baffle too? MotoMagz:ack2:






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    My My u really had a good go at that didn't u. :grin5:
    As a logical experiment drill a few(a few,don't go drill crazy) more holes in the tubes then weld everything back up again.
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    I have the short pipe. I drilled one hole right in the middle of the end of the muffler next to the outlet. The hole is the same size as the outlet. A little more noise, better quality of sound (sounds more like a full size bike)- performance gain? Darned if I can tell.
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    Thanx guys,I will try the hole in my short pipe like Houghmade suggested.While waiting for my long pipe to be fixed. I am going to drill the baffle on the long pipe as Fector mentioned.I will post with the results!MotoMagz
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    Well I drilled 5 holes in each of the baffle tubes.Found a guy on craigslist to weld it all back together.Was tightening the bolt and snaped the thing.Will be drilling that out today....will post results off the baffle later,I hope.MotoMagz
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    Great Results !!!!!!!!

    So, my long pipe is remounted:D and it is awsome! I took Fector advise and drilled out the baffle tubes.Drilled 5 more holes in each of the baffle tubes,in the same pattern as the others.Throttle response is much better and the biggest improvement is throttle control....before when I let off the throttle it would drag a little or feel like it was gearing down.Now I can work the throttle at any speed with no drag.:grin5:Thanx for the help, MotoMagz
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    I have the same pipe. I took a long 3/8s drill bit and just drilled right through the baffel plate. I picked up on the bottom end some. I don't think I lost antthing on the top end either. I did gain about 7db in sound too!
  8. Well its a little late now but you could have inserted the baffle setup an inch into the cutoff pipe and welded it there, that would have allowed you to keep that stylish angle cut.
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    that's what i did with my pipe.
    i'm running a 2 stroke engine with an expansion chamber.
    I used the stock muffler on the end of the chamber.
    I cut the end of the muffler at an angle for better looks, and then shoved the baffle back up inside it to hide it.
    Of corse, i gutted the muffler before i put the baffle back in, and i drilled 3 holes in the baffle plate. my muffler was not all welded together tho, 3 screws and i had the entire muffler and baffle plate apart. i used pop rivits to hold the baffle in the pipe. no leaks, and it sounds great especially because of the expansion chamber.
    gained top end AND bottom end.


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    I wish I could have done that.But as you can see in picture #5 I cut my baffle in half.Mine runs great after the reconstructive surgery.