Bag your gas odor!

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    Here's a tip, something i've just tried out and it seems to work. Like most, i love to sit and take in the beauty of my motorbike, no way is it going to sit outside, it's like a fine piece of furniture, to be stared at and enjoyed when not riding. Take a sandwich bag, like a baggie or small zip lock plastic bag and a rubber band, put one over your gas cap and one over your air cleaner. Put a few good wraps around both and you are fume free! No need to empty the tank, a tank with gas in it is less smelly than an empty one, less gas=more fumes. Try it, you'll like it.

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    I thought this might be like a response I had to myself upon seeing a "global warming" bumper sticker- Hold those farts! prevent global warming!
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    but the gas caps on these tanks are vented for a reason. so if you put a baggie over the cap, and seal off the vent, there is no where for the fumes to go.
    gasoline fumes expand with temperature, so if it gets really hot, the baggie will fill with fumes...and that's like a bomb waiting to go off.
    gas fumes are far more potent that gasoline itself, plus fumes under pressure can be a bad thing too.
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    then I ask the question-- how dangerous is it to store your MB in your apartment? I've got nowhere outside that is all that safe for mine... there IS a fencepost I could hitch it to, and cover it... but it would be safer inside...

    too fumey? I'm not worried about the smell as I am about the kaboom factor...
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    I would remove the gas cap, lay the plastic bag over the gas filler, and replace the gas cap. All fumes are kept inside.

    Alternatively, put a piece of tape over the vent hole.

    But if you are going to go to the trouble of either of these, wouldn't it make sense to cut a gasket for the cap, out of one of those sheets of rubber you can get at the lowes plumbing department ? Don't make a hole in it, and it will seal the tank completely. Remove when you want to ride.

    Or just find another gas cap that doesn't have a vent, and swap them out. Keep the one not in use, in that aforementioned ziplock bag.

    If you really wanted to go the rube goldberg route... Remove the "snap" vent from a plastic gas can. Mount that on the gas cap. Then when you want to ride, snap it open. When bringing it inside, snap it closed.

    I wouldn't worry about the fumes coming from the air cleaner. Bag that, just as the OP suggested.
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    but by covering or eliminating the cap vent, pressure will build up inside the gas tank from the fumes, and gas will start to leak out wherever it can find a place to escape.(the petcocks on these tanks are not the best and they will leak if there is enough pressure behind them).
    gasoline expands and contracts with temperature differences...ever open the vent cap on a can of gas after it has been sitting in the garage for a few days?
    when you open the vent, you get a "whoosh" of escaping fumes.
    same thing will happen if you block the vent hole on the gas tank (with gas in the tank anyway). it will build pressure just like a gas can.
    this is why they now make gas cans with built in vents instead of the type with a vent that you can open and close.
    i have seen older cars with non vented gas caps with gas literally being pushed out of the gas cap from so much pressure inside the gas tank.
    this will only happen if the gas tank is full to the top, and the car is sitting in the sun on a very hot day...but i have seen it happen.
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    A bike sitting still, in the house doesn't build enough pressure to go anywhere but into the bag. Luka: too much to remember and you say "going to all that trouble?" Psyco, i have HVAC in my home, do you live outside? Have you tried this?
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    no, i don't live outside, but my bikes live in the garage. so are you saying that you don't have a garage and your bike sits inside your house?
    you can do what ever you want with your bag idea, but i wouldn't do it. you say that a bike sitting still will not build enough pressure to go anywhere but into the bag? well, if a bike sitting still does not build enough pressure, then you should not be smelling any fumes at all when your bike is sitting still. If you are smelling fumes, there is pressure behind them pushing them out of the vent hole in the gas cap.
    if the fumes bother you THAT much, maybe you should consider an electric bike.
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    Psyco, Then why would you post what you know nothing about? Old cars with unvented gas tanks? C'mon, get a grip.
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    i did not say unvented gas tanks, i said unvented gas CAPS.
    you can have a gas tank without a vent, and a gas cap without a vent.
    put a non vented gas cap on a non vented tank, and you are asking for trouble.
    vented tanks do not require vented gas caps and vented gas caps need to go on non-vented gas tanks.
    you want to think that i don't know what i'm talking about?
    here are a few of the things that i have built and currently own.
    i have been around cars and motorcycles for 30 plus years, and i have built drag cars, street cars and motorcycles. I am a mechanic, and have been one for 30 plus years.



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    So sorry Psycho, Very nice! ME too but it's amazing what you can still learn from other's tips. Good start...

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    From the thread title I half expected some sort of new bike seat.
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    Yeah, it reminds me of a saying in the late 70's. "Save gas; fart in a jar"