Bairdco Racing Series Begins, June 16th in Riverside, CA!

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    June 16 at Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA.

    The Adam's Motorsports Park in Riverside, CA is located at 5292 24th Street, Riverside, CA 92509.

    50 miles from Orange County and Los Angeles, 90 miles from San Diego, and only 436 miles from Tucson, AZ!

    If it has pedals, you can race it!

    Track Time from 2:30pm to 10:30pm, racing under the lights!

    Overnight Camping Available, Food, Bike Show and Swap, Vendors, and all the elbow to elbow Racing you can handle!

    Future Race Schedule:

    June 16, 2012

    September 15, 2012

    December 8, 2012

    This race will be the first in a series of 3 held at the adams track. points and prizes will be awarded, and champions will be crowned after the 3rd race.

    points will be given out after each race.

    1 point for a first place finish, 2 points for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, etc...

    after the series is over, points will be tallied and numbers will be issued accordingly. (lower point number, lower number plate.)

    i know everyone has their favorite number, or the number they've been running since the death races, but we're progressing now. gotta make it official.

    you can keep the numbers you've been running for the rest of the year, but be prepared to spend 50cents for some new ones next year.

    new riders will be issued a number starting with 200.

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    there will be 4 classes at this race;

    1: beginners, slow bikes, people who just want to cruise.

    2. 2 stroke china class
    all 2 stroke chinese bikes. other comparable bikes will be let in, on a case by case scenario.

    3. midrange class
    morini's, 4 strokes, and other bikes under 10hp.

    4. super bike class.
    anything over 10hp

    you should know where you belong. if you don't, we'll figure it out. if you're running away from everyone else, you're probably in the wrong class.

    Racing Format

    my goal is to have 15 racers per heat, with no more than 20 in case of a low turn-out.

    any class with more than 20 riders (+/- 1 or 2) will have 2 qualifying heats, with the top 10 from each heat qualifying for the main event. in case of a large turn-out, semi-final heats will be held.

    qualifying heats:

    2 eight lap heats.

    top 5 in any heat will automatically qualify you for the main event. if you place in the first heat, you may choose to sit the next heat out.

    all other riders will have their 1 and 2 heat placings averaged out to determine if you're in the final.

    for example, you place 6th in heat one, but crash in heat 2 and get 15th. your buddy gets 10th in both heats. he'll advance, you may not.

    although these are meant to be fun events, it is still a race. this prevents people from coasting around the track, saving everything for the finals. it's a more competitive way than just having some random heats, then a final with everyone advancing.

    if i wanted to do it that way, i wouldn't have heats at all, just 6 hours of practice leading up to 1 final race. and that's not racing, that's just riding around a track all day.

    this also encourages people to build reliable bikes that can take the punishment of a full day of racing. hopefully, eventually, we can figure out how to make a china girl last for more than a few laps of racing without spilling her guts... it's something this industry really needs.

    there will be plenty of practice time, open track time, and time to cruise or have a grudge match with your buddies.
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    Entry Fees:

    (note, some fees have changed for this race)

    Racer/Rider entry: $35

    *2nd bike, same rider, $10

    Pit crew: $5 per person

    Spectator's are free, but absolutely NO pit access. (track rules, not mine) there are bleachers and other free spectator areas, but the real action is in the pits and on the track.

    *the reason for the second bike fee is due to prizes, trophies, points, etc.
    *Safety Gear and Age Requirements:
    *All Riders Must Be 16 Years of Age or Older

    *Helmet: Must be DOT, Snell or equivalent.
    NO Novelty, Bicycle, Hardhats, Military Helmets, etc, allowed!

    *Knee and Elbow Pads: Must have Plastic Caps.
    If you buy a cheap pair MAKE SURE THEY STAY ON. any rider that loses a pad or has one flapping in the wind will be BLACK FLAGGED.


    *Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt NO Shorts or Tshirts! Save those for the pits.

    *No Open Toed Shoes, Sandals, or Slip-ons. HighTops are Strongly Recommended

    *Motorcycle Leathers are OK in lieu of pads, and Recommended.

    *All Bikes Over 25 MPH MUST have a Front and Rear Brake

    *These Requirements are Non-Negotiable. Anyone not meeting these requirements will be BLACK FLAGGED.
    These rules are part track requirements, part MY requirements, and part Common Sense. In other races we've seen people skirting these rules, but they will be STRICTLY enforced in my races. ANY rider not following these rules will be removed from the starting grid.
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