Baisc 4-stroke direct drive beach cruiser

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    I am a fan of Macargi bicycles, they are made of steel and don't skimp on where it matters, the hubs and brakes.
    The left side of the hub just happens to be the exact diameter of the rag joint sprocket and in perfect alignment with the motor output sprocket as well.

    You won't find them in Wally World, I get mine from my local real bicycle shop and the Pantera 7-S is about $250 out the door.

    Though I prefer to make them shifters so I have the advantage of the SBP motor mount platform the HS 49cc engine with stock Grubee 4G belt drive kit will work, you just have to drill new motor mount holes so the motor is forward enough for the motor to fit under the top bar.

    The result however is a smallish (5'5" tall is enough to ride it with the seat all the way down) full fender beach cruiser that looks and actually performs like a big motorcycle, if you have a 30MPH motorcycle that is ;-}



    Liberal use of a black spray paint can for all the mounts and lame red motor cover and I think it turns out pretty nice for being a just a basic 4-stroke MB.