Balancing two stroke revs high now but power cuts out.



So I've been balancing my two stroke I drilled two 7/16 holes in the crank that dropped the vibration range a good bit in rpms and I milled the head flat using glass and sandpaper, aluminum can gasket, too. That got it a good amount of torque. But I still couldn't break the vibration barrier. I put in a light weight pin skirted the piston and ramped the piston for the exhaust and transfers I figured it would help a lil with the weight. My weight is pretty spot on now I definitely lost a lil bottom end I'm thinking from the ramping and skirting. Top ends pretty nice though. Only problem I have it seems like it's cutting out when I'm at peak rpms it starts missing quite a bit, like more than it's on. Or maybe just four stroking is not very loud when it's doing it and doesn't seem to be bogging down. Oh I also added an I ring to the carb to stop an air leak I'm wondering if that's actually robbing a little power by making it richer
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