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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by beach cruzin, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. beach cruzin

    beach cruzin Guest

    If this place is going to live u all should ban those chinese smugling buy my
    80cc kit venders,Let them pimp themselfs somewere or else it will ruin the movemnt..they are a bunch of crooks and i don't want them in my back yard.

    could'nt there be a donataion box or somthing to help pay for web fees and such? I'm sure there are lot of peps here that would rather see that than a vendor ***** fest:grin:
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  2. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    I don't have a problem with vendors advertising & selling their wares PROVIDED it's not thrown in my face all the time.I do have a problem with vendors giving false or misleading information as to fuel economy/engine capacity/build times/etc etc.
    Reputable vendors i look foreward to seeing their posts and displaying their wares and on many occasions actively seek them enterprise,it works.
  3. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I strongly disagree...

    First, I would refrain from calling the vendors "smugglers". There are many honest businessmen amongst the vendors out there, and to paint them all with such a wide brush is quite unfair. Those who may be smuggling banned engines into the US are likely to not get away with it for very long anyway. But before one makes accusations, one must make sure they have proof. Remember that in this country, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Secondly, this forum is hardly overrun with vendors hawking their products. Granted, we have the left hand column of sponsors, but this is hardly intrusive. They aren't chiming in on every thread saying that they have such and such that will be just the right thing for you. The controls in place in this forum are to prevent that, and these controls keep commercialism to a minimum. If it's the Chinese engines you're beefing about that are ruining the movement, I then ask what you think made this movement what it is in the first place? Both of my 48cc engines are Chinese-made, as is my Whizzer. It's the combination of availability and reasonable pricing that helped make this movement what it is today.
  4. I say that most buyers of the Happy Time engine KNEW about the illegality of it all.
    It's the PRICE that's keeping them coming.
    I agree that this does not help the movement. If were gonna be honest with the law we shouldn't tweak it at all.
    But here it is. The Happy Time is the most common engine used in this entire forum. Why? Because we are generally POOR!
    If were gonna do away with Chineese importing we need to get American made products to go down. WE need to worry about quantity of sales even if it means loss of quality just so we can compete with China.
    But for now,people will continue to buy the Happy Time just like people will continue to go to Wal Mart.
    It's a hard fact of life.
  5. beach cruzin

    beach cruzin Guest

    We all know by now how these chinese get here if there is a more politically corect way to say it i'm soory.I also am runing chinese 70 (68.7cc) its at 1000mi and ready to give up thats how thier built cheap enough so we don't care and just buy anther one well yes i do care and most of the honest businessmen amongst the vendors out there know this cuz thats how they make there money which is the bottem line. I am american and belive in amercain made.Yes the chinese engine help start the movent and WILL destroy it IMHO.

    not trying to make a rant here just a suggestion
  6. beach cruzin

    beach cruzin Guest

    Large you are right unforuntly if the country wasnt such a woosie and everybody in it stod up and said i'm not buying this carp anymore things might cange but it wont as a whole we are just sheep
  7. beach cruzin

    beach cruzin Guest

    YES BUT was created with the vision of creating a community of motorized bicycle enthusiasts, and providing a means to communicate and convey ideas, thoughts and opinions to one another to help spread the word on this alternative mode of transportation.
  8. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Absolutely that was & still is MBc's vision for creation.....what i'm saying is this place can't support itself by needs revenue.
    Most members arn't prepared to pay so that only leaves sponsorship,so if your picking your own sponsors then aleast u remain in control.
    I would be happy to contribute a yearly fee to keep this place running but i seriously doubt most other ppl would because of the sheer nature of it's itinerant population.That's NOT a slander on temp members who simply "breeze in & breeze out"....that's just how it is.
    So there ya go,u have 1 member whose prepared to pay.....let's see how many more u can get.
  9. Demosthenese

    Demosthenese Guest

    we CANT stick our heads in the sand. we CAN contain all the vendor stuff to one area.
    we don't want them here, but we do need their stuff? c'mon, recognize that they are a part of this community, just like us, the consumers are. obviously i don't condone lies (80cc lol) but i firmly stand by the fact that the easier it is for people to impulse buy the ht engines, the faster the movement will grow. it may sound like a ruthless thing to say, but the faster people can imagine owning one, and the cheaper they are, the more people will buy em. If walmart stocked HT's, everyone in the continent would have one tommorow, even though they're cheap and made in china. Cheap and made in china is how the world works these days.
    I totally agree it's wrong, and bad, and we should build em here and make em good.... but working within the system of capitalism, the best thing we could do would be to make the top half of every page on this site a huge button that takes you right to the cheapest HT kit around. Instant gratification and impulse buying probably accounts for half the first engine buys.
  10. beach cruzin

    beach cruzin Guest

    I realize i'm beating a dead horse;)
  11. Actually you do bring up a valid point. There are literally THOUSANDS of Happy Time users out there we haven't heard of that has destroyed their little engines because they couldn't comprehend the extra care these engines need. We live in a society where we lease cars for a few years then get a new one. WE take our cars to get an oil change instead of doing it yourself. If were gonna seriously grow we need to be able to buy an engine that can go thru punishing testing and desert driving bla bla bla like the way car companies have these proving grounds and at the end of the day the little bugger is still chugging away.
    Just as there is many that cherish this sport and this engine there are just as many if not more that believe this engine is the biggest piece of junk you can ever waste your money on because they ran it full throttle down a steep hill to see how fast they can go #$%*&^@#$!@$ $%$#$%^&^$# *&^&*#$%!
    If were gonna grow as a motorsport,we need to get out of the "Kit Car" phase and start producing ground pounding proven engines with some beef in the cylinder walls and long life and 50 to 1 ratio 2 strokes something most Americans can relate to their chainsaws and weed wackers that also incidentally give up after a year due to their owners,and essentially build an engine that you can beat and won't quit.
    And that can't happen cause most won't spend a lot of money to a bicycle.
    And when gas goes ridiculously higher even if car companies finally get it and build the PERFECT little engine for our bicycles with tax and shipping and bla bla bla you're gonna need to take out a loan to get one of these and by then you may just as well get a motorcycle.

    If anyone can answer this please do. Why is it when I go to the local flea market there are so many vendors out there selling chineese ATV's,scooters and minibikes but not a single soul with a Happy Time engine?
    How come the Happy Time is illegal but these other 2 stroke chineese engines aren't?
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  12. caddymankc

    caddymankc Guest

    If i had found an american built engine for our bikes i would have bought one, the problem is half the things everybody has america doesn't make, i know we make very few atv's in the states but how comes there isnt an all american 4 wheeler, or dirtbike? Because we have a society that is half decent, over in china you got poor families selling there kids so they can work for 2 cents and hour.
    So theres no way in heck we can match there workforce, its kinda sickening knowing back in the day we went to war with these same countries then rebuilt there country only to have them bring there cheap products here and mop the floor with us.
    I just cant imagine how we let most of the steel industry leave so we have less jobs but a little cheaper steel.Leaving people like my dad with a job that in 60years will be done by Pang.
    So i hated the idea of supporting those people, but like everybody says most of us are broke or need a cheap way to get to work.
    But to get back on topic i dont think we should ban all the vendors just ones that have a bad rep or sells a very crappy product, is there any u.s. built (happy time) engines for our bikes?Those are the vendors we should have.
  13. There's a rumor going around that an American company is looking into a frame mount 2 stroke. I would like to see how that goes.
    While eating dinner,I had this thought.
    Do you ever see that Tobacco commercial when these guys do something kinda ridiculous and then the people that walk by has that little * that pops up above their head showing us that they get the message?
    Well every time I ride my Happy Time by shopping centers and grocery stores you're not gonna believe me I don't care but I suddenly see that * above some people's heads.
    That would mean that they get it too.
    So let's say someone buys a Happy Time cause they saw you riding one and they enjoy it and they want more and more.
    Just like....I want more and more.
    Down the road I want a rack mount for my Schwinn. I can go with our vendor that built his own carrier here or I can go with our other vendor that has their engine and carrier American made.
    The American made motor is more expensive but it's been proven. The other one is cheaper by a whole Happy Time kit for crying out loud.
    But there you are. You have a choice.
    But here's the whole idea behine this post.
    If the Happy Time engine never became so affordable,I would never ever would even think of spending extra money on a more expensive kit. I wouldn't have a motoredbike.
    So with that and the vast amount of members here running Happy Times,you cannot deny that the Happy Time has gotten most of us thru this prestigious door.
    One day,if America builds a bulletproof frame mount,I'm all over it.
    But the Happy Time deserves something here.
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  14. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    not yet there isn't
  15. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    In my opinion "Time" is slowly changing the market and what the vendors will be selling. Ive been paying attn for the last 3 years of the types of engines that people are installing. HT's will soon be taking a back seat in a year or two. With the new gear boxes coming out, 2 and 4 strokes advancing. Technology in rear mount kits etc, etc. If things keep advancing at the pace they are, in the near future we will be able to install a 4 stroke 4 speed automatic that will be trouble free for 50,000 miles for $400.00

    This is the purpose of this MBc site. We are the pioneers of technology for the future of motoredbiking. We all bounce ideas off each other and share our findings. We tinker and think of new ideas in our homes and come back to the MBc shop and get our team involved.

    Everyone who owns a HT motor is always dreaming of the next level. What's a better setup for close to the same money for my next bike? We need the HappyT's for training materials. Cheap, and lets the beginner get their feet wet experimenting. Yes, it stinkes about how the come into the country. Yes, we are tring to make them extinct by experimenting on them. 4 years from now the "newbies" to motoredbiking wont even know what a HappyTime is. "Advancement in technology from OUR ideas" is the HT,s destin fate.
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  16. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    "the "newbies" to motoredbiking wont even know what a HappyTime is".......i agree,it'll be like............u young ppl of today,when i had a HT the winters were twice as cold and the summers were twice as hot. :)
  17. Demosthenese

    Demosthenese Guest

    and it was all uphill and the bikes had no wheels :p.

    i think the best way this movement will spread is through the environmental argument. Maybe some people look at gas prices and their minds turn to a solution, but most probably just curse and then fill 'er up. Once the 4 strokes are fully in swing, with a reliable in frame mount and gear box, we could go to the environmentalist movement and say look, we have a viable, bolt on alternative (that isn't public transpo) to the one-person automobile/motorbike ride. It is hundreds of times more efficient and uses existing infrastructure to drastically reduce pollution. And it's hella fun and cheap! If a major environmentalist lobbying group could be convinced we could probably get somewhere. That's the kind of support that would change things. A bunch of impulse buying hobbiests, even if we are dedicated and right, can't change things directly, because we aren't the kind of people that spend all day at political rallies calling and bribing the right people; we spend our days tinkering with our bikes. If we want to actively spread the movement, not just support it like our child and watch it grow, we need to talk to the people who control other people.
    I think it will come... just give it a few more years. Eventually it will become in fashion to own one of these engines, if only to avoid gas costs. If Obama gets elected it might come sooner, when/if he gives the finger to the oil companies as he has promised.

    Imagine if we had a quality NA engine to tune and produce aftermarket parts for. We could have a thread called "MPG"! Instead of tuning for speed, we could all be tuning for efficiency and engine lifespan!

    If someone, somewhere, somehow does start producing NA engines, it will become our duty to support and cherish said company. If it happens, it CANNOT be a failure, even if we all have to buy 10 new engines each. Just get some more bikes, and then get some more friends, and bam, you'd have gotten us some new members too :p.
  18. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    The Chinese 2-stroke is sort of a "gateway engine" leading me into the world of motoredbiking. It has over 2k miles and still runs like a charm so I haven't had the need to upgrade. If it weren't for this engine, there wouldn't be any!
  19. Here's a picture of my Schwinn Ruler I bought a while back at Costco. It's collected some dust for I ride Moop much more. In fact I rode it the other day only a block and got tired. I'm pretty spoiled now.
    Anyway,because I'm poor,I'm going with Duane's Titan in the next month. That puppy is going on this thing.
    Schwinn when I was growing up has always I had thought anyway been an American bicycle company. Something has changed this.
    Look at picture 2. Sorry it's blurry.
    It says "Made In CHINA."


    So seriously. If a huge company like Schwinn can sell out,How can the rest of us in a sense not?

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