banned in B.C.

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    I have now built two motorized bicycles. The police where I live have stopped everyone on this island and threatened to charge them for driving an unlicensed and uninsured vehicle. This bugs me because when I tried to have my first bike inspected so I could licence one knew what to do and eventually a big boss several cities away said that they would not inspect a bicycle ... the frame had to be welded by a provincially licensed welder. The second bike was welded (in all the important places) by a friend who is a licenced welder but now I have to meet all the running light and other requirements relevant to a motor bike. I am ticked...grrr. but nothing I can do.

    signed, mad in British Columbia Canada.:ack2:

  2. jaguar

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    Maybe you should double-check that they are demanding something that the law demands. It's human nature for cops to say something like that although they don't really know the law.
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    That's a crummy deal. Sounds like you may have to go electric on the island. Fighting traffic tickets gets very expensive.
    Another idea is to go the stealth route and disguise your gas engine.
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    One more route you may be able to do is buy a scrap moped and put the numbers and plate on your bike. That is what I did here in the Empire (strikes back) state.