Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mully, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. mully

    mully New Member

    Why do so many users get banned????
    Scared to post now!

  2. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    I don't know about users getting banned. I wouldn't be worried about posting. I don't have a great reputation on this website and I'm still here.
  3. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Nothing to be scared about -- that I've noticed

    seems that one can pretty much speak their mind here...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  4. spunout

    spunout Member

    sheesh, tom! you've been a member here for 4 months, and have only 7 posts.
    i think you were scared to post to begin with! :p:p:lol:
  5. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    I just checked. There have been about 120 banned. All but 2 or 3 have been for posting spam or porn. (and, the most of these were obviously spambots.)

    Those remaining 2 or 3 were banned because they started spewing obscenities, or otherwise refused to accept our rules. Typically, when we (the mods) explained that their behavior wasn't acceptable. They couldn't seem to accept that there ARE reasonable guidelines to follow.

    Generally, it's NOT about what you say, although we do have limits. It's more about how you say it. If you stay civil, no problem.
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  6. Torques

    Torques Guest

    The other site is where you could be banned at any time if you have a mind to think.
  7. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    That's why I'm glad to be a MBC member. I have a bike that goes illegally-high speeds, and I'm enjoying posting here.
  8. mully

    mully New Member

    thanx all!!
    except happy???!!!jk!
  9. astring

    astring Member

    I say keep banning the spammers!
  10. If you proofread your post from the view point of a child that saw you wide grinned on your motoredbike and correct anything that may be inappropriate to that child before you post then you have no worries.
  11. mully

    mully New Member

    thx Lrg

    I just love these bikes & this site. I don't mind making waves, nor do i aways say the rt thing so bare w/me;);)
  12. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    I don't think I want to BARE with you...LOL. I might bear with you though. :)
  13. BikeMan

    BikeMan Member

    Did you buy your bike pusher already ready to go or make it yourself.I would like to know more about your set up please.Thanks Tim.
  14. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    Sure Tim!

    Here's my forum thread all about it:

    It's 100% self-built!

    I don't know of any pre-made trailers you can buy except the MOMO.

    I built it from a handtruck frame and added much more metal reenforcements to it, so it's really not a handtruck anymore. It has a 196cc engine rated stock 6.5HP, but I've removed the speed-limiter and opened the air intake for more power 8HP+ estimated.

    More fun IMO than a motorcycle, and I can go on the sidewalk, and pass cars in the bike lane!!! hahahaha