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    Hi folks/glad to make all-you'all's acquaintances!

    I keep trying to get to a decision but I'm still waitin' on parts and tools I've ordered from eBay/online to upgrade my 20" folding bike. It's a Downtube front-suspension that came 9-spd. I'm trying to add a front derailleur and upgrade it to a 27-spd for the hills and to make it better able to pedal at higher speeds. The frame is "custom" so I'm having to adapt the bracket on a standard front derailleur to fit the new triple crank I've added. I've also shortened the crank arms per Sheldon Brown's suggestions. I'll see whether pedaling faster with my short legs helps along with the added gears? I want to burn calories but eventually add a friction-drive to rescue me when I'm tired or facing a hill I don't feel like climbing.

    Staton's EH035 FD kit seems the most for the $$. Robin no longer advertises the cast iron inserts in their engines -- chromium plating seems to have replaced them. Is this good for longevity?

    After adding the FD to the Downtube, I'm thinking of building a custom trike for shopping only. I want dual-wheel drive to be able to get traction in winter [slush and ice patches] and for stability. The trike will be gear-driven since FD doesn't drive dual wheels simultaneously.

    All this will keep me busy for awhile since I've gotten rid of my '04 diesel Jetta VW that was costing me more to repair than it was worth. Besides it was a lemon [after the law expired at 30K.]

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