barebones finally arrived! need help :)

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    howdy! well, i've put her together -- she arrived with the engine already installed (thank goodness!), but i have some questions about the hand brake cable (how to attach) and the back wheel won't move -- seems like the engine chain has something to do with it. she's just out of the box, so i haven't hurt anything, and i think spooky tooth rides them and checks them out before sending, so i'm stumped. i've looked for an assembly manual at their site, but i've had no luck. they don't ship any instructions with their bikes, which makes things kind of hard for a newbie. i'm not a total dork, but i do need a little guidance! :shock:
    take care and thanks for any help you can offer!

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    making tire move

    you have to push in the clutch then the tire will move thats how you start it start peddling the bike with the clucth in then let it go and your bike will start make sure you use the choke for the first start in the day
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    Thanks so much! I"m sure this isn't the case and I didn't try it, but can I ride the bike just manually, pedal only, without constantly holding in the clutch? I just rode my bike pedaling around the block, but I didn't let the clutch out -- I thought the back tire would lock. I really need more instruction, and I'm hoping that the folks at Spooky Tooth can guide me to a place at their site that will show me how to correctly hook up the hand brakes, etc. I ordered my bike fully assembled, but the hand brake cables were not together. Can you tell I'm a newbie! Oh well, I'm a quick learner. . . hopefully!
    Thanks again for shedding some light on my back tire!
  4. You'll get it Sammy then soon it will be like second nature to you. WELCOME to your new love,your new joy... your beloved!
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    hi Sammy and welcome to MBc...there is alot to read, but if you are as green as I was maybe you should...yes the guy is instructing you correctly cuz popping the clutch is how I start mine...but first the mix of oil to gas ratio must be richer for the first 500 miles 20-1, then you can use less after break in...good luck on all your ndeavors and happy motoring...