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    The barefoot bandit is a criminal why do you speak of him
    There are only six people online now .
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    A collectors item? Just because that jerk made the news! Remarkable!

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    Seriously now.... collector's item????

    He had his 15 minutes of fame and as soon as he gets sentenced his time in the limelight will be OVER and anything that refers to him or his crimes will be long forgotten!

    Seriously now.... will anyone even remember this guy in 2 years from now????
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    I remember something about a barefoot bandana....
    What WAS that! Doggonnit!
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    oh.... you said "bandana".
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    I do not agree with what he did but the guy was ballsy -and smart- he outsmarted them ---if only one policeman went after him instead of hundreds he never would be caught. He is a kind of a Robin Hood figure-outsmarting the big guys.