Barn Find motorized Bicycle...very old NT carb (i'm guessing)


That looks exactly like my old NT carby, right down to the insignia on the barrel housing, it never had a 2 screw idle and mixture system.

I took a snap of his pic and blew it up to see in fine detail because of my eye problems right now.

I marked it in red on this pic below where it stands UP, like a tickler does, right next to the idle screw that has the spring in it to keep it in place.

It looks exactly like mine did when the tickler started leaking all over the place and I replaced the tickler which was falling out and plugged it up with any old screw I could find until my BoFeng arrived.

My advice still stands, get RID of that carburetor, it has already troubled someone else already, considering how cheap they are to buy, just get another.

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What exactly does a tickler do? never heard of it.