Barn Find motorized Bicycle...very old NT carb (i'm guessing)

throttle and such should be arriving tomorrow, one thing i did notice is if i choke the engine at all, bike really doesn't start, is it normal to just leave the choke off all the time?
Took the bike for a a short rip around town before my new throttle assembly arrives tomorrow, noticed i lost a lot of power going up hills, even had to pedal a bit to stop the engine from dying, if this continues with new throttle cable tomorrow (there's ALOT of slack in the current one) what can i adjust to get more power?

i know my carb needs some tuning for my idle, would that affect it at all?
Looked like my power loss issue was due to a fouled sparkplug, grabbed a ngk br6hs like I see alot of people recommending. Got the power back....until the engine seized about 30 minutes into the drive. Ordered a Zeda 80 as a replacement since I was missing half the hardware when I got this old engine out of a bucket. So I'll probably need some guidance on that once it arrives in like a week