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  1. Since I put this in the WhiteZone I really didn't do a search about this suggestion that may well already be a topic somewhere in here ... I think we are all missing the boat about what HAS to be an amazing personal collection of motor parts we all certainly have collected either by over ordering, constant changes as I like to do, or due to whatever reason. For example, I have the following spares : 2 spare speed link kits, engine chainguard, 36 tooth speed driven gear, rear fender rack, rear carryall pack, engine sprocket, 26" front wheel n hub, new saddle, 1 speedometer, 55 tooth driven gear, 2 26" unused tread but blemed whitewall tires, 2 26" unused tread gumwall tires ... Now that's just me. Can you imagine what the combined warehouse we could create and use if we had an honest and controlled method of giving/taking from some established system of barter ? Bogglrs the mind. I know we have a selling topic forum site but how much nicer to be able to trade a sprocket for a clutch lever without the worry of cost. If something like this exists and I have overlooked it, please inform me.

  2. I like the concept but how would one determine fair exchange values....I mean a chain guard may not be an even exchange for say an ignition coil?.....I guess one could go off retail values like of Dax's site to determine fair exchanges??....I do like the concept tho.
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    I like this too. I have a bunch engine and bike parts collecting. I may or may not use them. A searchable list of spare parts that we could barter or even sell for a reasonable price would be great. Great idea Wizard!
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    trading post

    Maybe a separate listing under buy/sell/trade? Then pricing could be handled by PM or phone? I don't know how to set it up, but a section with what one has available, with contact information. Then it would disappear after a preset time. Just a thought.
  5. yea, yak ... I especially like the 'disappearing at a preset time'thing. A lot of posts in the for sale section are a little stale ... Andyinch has a point about a 'fair trade' but I think that "beauty (worth) is truly in the eye of the beholder" ... I mean if I need a 36 tooth sprocket bad and fast enough, I really don't care that it'll cost me a spare carb I know I'm not using or won't need ... at least not need as fast as the part I want ... but that's just me .... within limits of course ... Andy's right ... I'm not giving away a muffler for a speed link set but nobody would either ask nor expect a trade of such uneven equity.
  6. How about something like this : You list in a Barter section what you want and at least 2 choices that you'll give for it ... each sends the part with 'return receipt requested' so each has proof he has sent it .... the 1 or 2 who might not be on the up n up are actually named as long as the complainent can photo n list the return receipt proof he recieves after a delivery is completed. (ya right ! listen to me ! Just what Augi needs, more forum maintenence .... heh ! I can just hear Augi now ... "Great idea Wizard ! ... now go get your own darn Forum and get busy !!!"
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    i really like this idea hey ya wanna trade a $70 sealed bearing jackshaft with 2 cogs & a freewheel for the 36 tooth sprocket and rear fender rack? you could use it to try and setup gears i tried but i welded too soon and it wont work for me
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    Emphasis on " more forum maintenance". It really does sound like a great idea but think about all the hassels with unsatisfied transactions and all. Members would be verbally smashing other members, etc.
    If only it were a perfect world! :smile:
  9. Ya, I hear ya Doc ! ... Minibiker that is really a great and more than fair trade but I'm not into gearing or transmission changes at all .... Sold a Comet TAV3 on Ebay about 4 months ago unused and swore I would never try anything ever again with variators, centrifugal clutches, or related . I can't even figure out where you guys are finding room to add that kind of stuff but I guess your doing it from the ground up with complete frame mods designed from scratch.
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    great idea!

    maybe it can be done off site?perhaps a link here?i have quite a bit of stuff also,everyone could do a list and post.the carryover would end up back at this site though-dont deal with so and so he ripped me off:evil: im sure it would work,maybe yes maybe no!
  11. Well, Doc said it best above about "unsatisfied transactions" ... case in point above too is Minibiker ... a generous trade offer of a jackshaft for my 36 tooth sprocket and rack ... but for instance, do people think all sprockets come in chrome like the original 55 toother ? That 36er is delivered in flat black .... I have sandblasting equipment so I frosted mine ... but someone recieving that might think it was a worn out refurbished piece made to look new by sandblasting and yet its brand new and unused ...Or,they might already know it's a black piece and are expecting it to be delivered as such. Lots of room I think for misunderstandings.If we asked or required pics we might be losing a lot of people who don't use or have a way to post pics ... plus I am not an Augi ... I do not want to maintain a site .. I'd worry constantly about what happens if your comp goes down or you have to stop your service, or a hundred other things that could throw you offline ... I honestly don't know how Augi or the many others who run these sites do it and stay sane . I'm too much of a worrier .. I'd like to see it happen though.
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    there is a section that sez buy/sell/trade i guess we could do that there but im willing to make that trade if you are id just wanna see the rear mount rack
  13. Geez, I keep think about this Barterbarn thing ... I'm probably dreaming but picture this a minute ... A member who has space like an unused part of his garage or workdhop. We all send our parts there. Only 2 or 3 prices exist ... say, $5, 10, or $20. That money goes directly to MBc. So for example, I technically make nothing sending in my 36 toother, my tires,fenders, sprockets, etc ... but I know I can get a good carb when I need it for $10 later on .... or a chrome tank for $20 bucks ! Maybe some kind of limitations so no one person is out there building a complete bike and engine for $100 bucks but you get the idea I think ... and working income to MBc as well ... a treasury could be started for site software.
  14. Thanks Minibiker, but like I said I sold a Comet Tav3 on ebay totally unused after trying a frustrating motor scooter build and I'm not into jackshafts ... personally I think Comet 10 variators are the way to go for these motors if I were a frame up builder
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    well, that's what "buy/sell/trade" means, no?

    it's not viewable by the public so that only members can participate in good-member-karma. yes, we have to trust each other to be honest about item-details or there could be future problems.

    when you post in there, be sure to start with "WTB", "WTS", or "WTT" in the subject line. one topic with all your stuff listed, then post a reply to update availability :)

    (ps-i moved this into "Forum Help & Suggestion Box")