Basic Bike



There is real basic mountain bike that is being sold at wal mart, I dont recall the name/brand however I am considering buying it. I have read alot of post about people saying that their bike shakes alot and I am wondering if this is due to poor craftsmanship or a cheap bike and should I buy a cruiser instead or possibly a little more high end bike? Also would anyone happen to know the exact cc's on the 80cc motor being sold on kingsmotors ? I noticed thats dax says what the exact cc's are and I have heard great things about them however kings boast an 80cc motor where dax is 70cc. If the kings motor is actually more I think I might want the more powerful engine. Any input on that subject would be helpful. Well I appreciate any and all feedback....



i'll start you off with the most rudimentary of advice...

look at the candidate bicycle closely & ask yourself "would i ride this thing at 30mph?"


Buy a good used, name brand mountain bike for about $150~$200.
Check the wheels for being true. You're looking for non-tapered 14ga spokes. You might need to change tires, chain and brake pads.
Buy a book on bicycle maintainance. I have several here. Haynes is decent w/o getting too technical, ISBN# 1 56392 137 5

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I wouldn't accept the 80cc engine as's more than likely 67point something cc like the 70's. Just heads up there.

As for the bike, I put both of my engines on older "cheap" bikes and both perform well. One has the larger diamond type frame, the other has the triple upper bar set up like a Shwinn. I have over 500 miles on the Western Flyer (Shwinn type) and nearly two hundred on the Ross (diamond frame type). One cost 35 dollars and the other was a freebie.

So, sometimes you get more than you pay for. ;)