Basic guide to owning a 2 stroke engine(a must know guide to make your engine last)

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    i just want to do a basic guide for new people thats into this
    To tell the truth these engines have no b@lls (not enough power) if you want these to perfom propley and smoothly expect to put money on top because the parts that come with em are veryy weak

    parts you must change:

    Spark plug ---- change straight away to NGK serious

    air filter----- this isnt that important but the stock air filter are really bad they rip of little black things and could damage the engine overtime

    good oil (not cheap stuff)---- make sure you use good oil i use 25-1 break in and 32-1 normal

    Parts that are most likely to damage (spares you should have):

    Exhaust gasket--- perferbly get the good king gaskets these blow pretty quick espesially if its modified

    studs (exhaust & intake)----these are important as the ones they come with thread easily

    Throttle & Clutch cable--- throttle breaks but only rarely ,clutchbroke on me twice and i did not have it tied to anything so i got a thicker cable made of a diffrent material wich is lasting me alot longer and take out the spring that goes to the clutch lever and clutch dierecter thing

    Mods that help alot:

    Diffrent carb (must be tuned propely for max power)--- the stock carbs are good but just not enough i have the speed carb works great easy tune check around to see what the best carbs are for you

    expansion chamber---- new exhaust helps alot for all roucd they can be tuned to perform diffrently at diffrent levels i have the poo poo pipe wich has a straight pipe goes into a ezpansion chamber great power and early powerband

    billet Head --- apparently helps alot i dont have one but they sound goos but they are expensive

    i hope this helps remeber these arnt perfect results just my experiences that most people have then complain about it

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    You have no mention name a few more
    Change plug wire and boot.
    Mill the cylinder head
    Correct engine mounting
    Torque to specifications
    Change electrical connectors
    Reconfigure clutch cable using stock cable
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    And the most important one of all. Throw away the rag joint dive sprocket and invest your money in either a shift kit or a billet hub adapter and sprocket. Nothing worse than having an engine that runs great but you end up stranded because the rag joint ripped your rear wheel apart.
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    look guys i was trying to keep it short and i listed the main ones
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    They are not picking on you or anything, they're just adding to the list of things to do.

    for example;
    you placed "billet head", Although they are good and raise compression the Slant head does the same job. Difference is the the placement of the plug hole and the aluminium its made out of. does the same job as the billet head at 1/3rd of the price.

    Another thing you may like to add is high tensile engine studs. You don't even have to buy them. All you need to do is take out the engine studs and throw them into a fire (coals, like a camp fire) until they reach a glowing red point. After which you take them out and throw them in a bucket (preferable metal) full of water. Thats basically how high tensile studs are made (heat treatment). I do it to all of my engine studs and bolts. Why buy it when you can do it yourself?
  6. and best thing to do is keep reading the posts becrase your alway learning
    new things you should do or forgot to i have alot of builds under my belt but post like these i keep reading and alway learning things thanks guys
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    Where should I source new spark plug boots? Should I just buy a set of 7mm wires for a 4 cylinder car?
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    Lawnmower repair shop. The ignition wires today don't have wire in them.

    I like this type of connection

    Bulk wire or by the foot..
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    Thanks guys, I just went and bought an Xact fit ignition wire from Advance Auto. Had a 7mm wire and a straight boot, clearance was not and issue for me. I will hit up the mower shop on the next go around.