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    I am new to the forum and I have a ? for any of you old heads... I was wondering if any of you know of a bike similar to this:

    However, it would have multiple speeds?
    Also, if I purchased a four stroke engine kit (cogs, etc.),
    and then an engine a bit larger than 49cc 4 stroke -like a minibike engine-, would the kit be ok to work with it (the other peripherals)? I basically want to have a motorcycle in a bicycle. This would be a summer project to build. I ride Kawi crotch rockets, but I want a bicycle with an easyrider look. I would cut that center area of the bike and make a flat/wide platform engine mount.

    With my ideas I would like to be able to change gears and have a twisting/controllable incremental throttle. I would probably also widen the rear fork and tire slightly. This would be a pretty cool and expensive custom. I just don't want the easy way and have a pocket chopper, I want a bike I made mostly myself...
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    moved to "wild in the streets"...while you wait for input, kick back and read thru this section...when you find an interesting topic, "bump" it by replying and revive the discussion :)

    also...we don't allow inline image display (because of our dial-up members)...when posting, go "advanced" and use the "manage attachments" paper-clip to use our hosting.

    i think the bicycle is part of the "micargi" line and is web-searchable.
    shop can buy engine-less kits from some suppliers :)
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    thank you so much for your explanation... i will look through the forums:puke: