Battery placement/mounting?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by bbb, Oct 6, 2008.

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    I am starting my 1st bike project...a chromed stretched low rider beach cruiser and just got the WE BL-36 kit with 3-12v 12ah/20hr lead acid gel cell batteries.
    Do not want to mount them on a rack...would like to hide them. Can they be mounted in any position, on end/etc?
    Can i mount them upside down?

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    Got her together and test drove it a couple of times...what a blast...what will i power the next one with?
    Having a leather bag made to hold the cells and then they will be right side they are upside down held in place with zip ties and book binding tape.

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    lead acid batteries upside down.....just be careful when you start recharging those batteries wrapped up so tight bbb, the sooner you get those saddle bags the better, its like every electric rig out their, it always comes down to the batteries in some shape or form.

    Are the dropouts in the springer fork strong enough for the motor, remember to pedal a couple of yards to get the wheel turning you dont want it to fly off without you!!!
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  4. Ypedal

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    Nice bike !!

    I'm surprised to see the rear wheel radial lace..

    The cells can be upside down but given the shape, there is usually no reason to do so.. ? i always try to have them right side up or sideways personally but have never had one leak yet.

    Wait t'il you get into 72v lithium setups !!! lol...