Batteryless LED Kit



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I'm pretty new on here, so I'm not sure that I'm putting this in the right place, but here goes (moderators, please feel free to move thread).

So, I ran into a pretty cool setup online the other day, and I didn't see much of anything posted on MBc about it yet. The website is at

It's an electromagnetic generator (NO batteries needed, and NO friction/drag on rim) for 5 LEDs. Two white ones in the front, and three red ones in the back. With the addition of a switch, it can also have brake light functionality, which is cool. The product looks really neat (they have a video on their website), and I think I'm going to order some for my build.

The concept is that you mount two magnets on your spokes that rotate in close proximity to a coil/ball magnet setup mounted on your bike frame. When the spoke magnets pass near the coil/ball magnet, it causes the ball magnet to rotate within the coil. From physics II, this rotating magnet creates a changing magnetic field, which induces a current in the surrounding 500-turn coil. This charge is stored on a capacitor, which can power the LEDs for up to 5 minutes continuously.

What do you all think?

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az cra-z

I used a similar setup that was a rear light only about 20 years ago, it seemed to work OK. It had a single magnet on the wheel and an inductive coil that fired the light just once per revolution (no power storage capability). Personally, though, I hate seeing white blinking lights coming at me while riding.