BBR 4Stroke Centrifugal Transfer Case

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  1. Having failed to find any reference using search, here goes. Yesterday on a proficiency run I noticed some warmth on my leg resting against the transfer case. It was the first time. When I got home I noticed very slight oil weeping out of the case halves . That said, heat might also be transferred from the engine to the transfer case all being aluminum or caused by lack of lubrication of the transfer case chains. In my 1950 Harley there is a tube coming out of the engine case that drips engine oil on the primary chain. Does my MB primary need lubrication?

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    Is your transfer case chain or belt drive?
  3. 45ULH,
    To best of my unknoledge it is a double chain. I am thinking about cracking the case. Determining the best point to drop some 90wt at the beginning of every ride. Then drilling a drain hole ala Harley. I am so sick of the old Harley's leak.
    They don't leak, they lubricate.
    I did a google search and found more references on this site. but none addressed my search.
    Thanks for the reply 45,
    Tom from Rubicon,WI
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    Yes with a chain you have to have some lubrication. With a belt NO lubrication. When finished with my second build going to build a 4 cycle. Just wish they made hop ups for the 4 cycles.