BCA Bicyle Corporation of America bike....

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  1. I found a BCA Merica Rover 1020 uni-lite 10 speed bike for 22 bucks....It seams to be heavyduty,but was wondering if anyone has heard of a BCA bike or know anything about them....I want to put a friction drive on my next build in the next couple of weeks and was thinking this would be a good bike for it....

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    it would probally work but you really need wider tires to get a good grip thats why i'm going with a mtn bike with cruiser tires on it to get a better grip on the tire and roller...
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    BCA seems vaguely familiar to me. But nothing more specific than that.

    Still, it seems to me that they go back to, roughly, my childhood.

    That would suggest that we're talking about a tough frame with narrow tubes.

    If I'm right, that would be perfect for motorizing.

    Wider wheels and tires can always be added.
  4. wbuttry

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    i love the old bike they were really built rite not like most bikes today a little solder and they are done.
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    fyi---just a quick search got me this info---am sure more is available if needed so give me a shout if you are curious and i will find what i can

    and here is the url to vintage bicycle genealogy--good place to start for info on older bikes

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