Be careful out there, guys... almost got hit

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    So, I was waiting at a red light at a busy intersection. I was on the less busy street. The light turns green and cars on the opposing lane were starting to merge into the center to turn (hopefully waiting on me to go pass first...) and this car comes barreling through his red light on the cross street AND HAS THE AUDACITY TO BEEP AT ME. He goes through a red (clearly green for me), almost kills me, and then beeps at me. I shoulda followed that guy and got his licence plate.

    I know it is good to look both ways but at some point you gotta kinda trust the system (lights, rules of the road, right of way, etc...). Careful folks never know when an idiot gonna ruin your day fast. And, if I were on a motorcycle I woulda been dead for sure.

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    Glad you're safe! I was nearly hit as a result of a terrible driver crossing the double yellow line to pass me a few weeks ago. I was slowing down, signaling, and following the rules of the road. If I had not turned my head to look behind, I would not be typing this today.

    Also had several drivers get very angry at me for not being on the sidewalk. They tailgate bikers, and then yell at us for being crazy and out of control? I've learned that too many people are only thinking of themselves, so I never trust that somebody will follow the rules of the road correctly. Very rarely, I am pleasantly surprised by somebody who does follow the law.

    Just keep an eye out man! If shoulder riding is legal where you are, then that is your safest method of travel.

    Stay safe and happy riding!
  3. Ive had far less incidents with automotive traffic since i installed a slightly louder exhaust,loud pipes save lives. And yes i use adequate strobe lighting front and rear as well as mirrors
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    I agree had a car drive into me before when i had a quiet exhaust (luckily i was paying close attention and he just got a scratched door) but since making my own pipe which is much louder havent had any probs.
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    Don't fool yourself.
    You still cannot hear our engines inside most cars or trucks, but all the pedestrians and neighbors can!
    Loud motored bikes are sure to get us outlawed.

    Be considerate of your neighbors and fellow motored bikers, quiet pipes.

    "Loud pipe save lives" is an excuse by inconsiderate self aggrandizing idiots who want to be noticed, not for safety but for shear vanity, on their motorcycles. The same guys wear sleeveless vests and cheater non-DOT legal helmets. Safety my arse. It's not about safety, it's about LOOK AT ME!

    Look at the loud bikes (MB or motorcycle) on the road. Is there anything about "safety" on them?
    Ape hanger bars, raked out no brake front forks, decorative mirrors, ego and vanity and inconsideration.
    Don't join that crowd of idiots. An appearance like that will destroy our motorized biking privileges and see laws against us.

    Bright coloured clothes and helmet, high riding position, even a day-glo flag will make you more noticed in traffic.

    Look after our sport and your safety, follow the laws and present a good image.

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    Sorry Bakaneko, I didn't mean to rant on your thread. I liked and agree with what you posted.

    I did a motorcycle rally last weekend and have never seen so many rude riders. All had V twins, leather and attitude. What ever happened to bikers being a brotherhood looking after each other on the road? The majority at the rally seemed to be elitist self indulgent "hogs". I felt much more at home with the guys and girls on old bikes, British bikes, scooters, anything but the V-twins. Wow. It was disappointing.

    About safety, yes, car drivers do not take us seriously. In town where I can keep up even by pedalling, cars seem to feel they just HAVE to pass me, no matter what. When I can keep up in town, I take the center of the lane and some will still try to nose by me or blow the horn.

    Stay visible. Luckily with my searching clothes, bright orange is a colour I have a lot of...

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    Yeah, that incident was partially my fault. I wasn't entirely focused that day so even though I had the green I should have checked intersecting traffic to see if they actually obey the laws... I mean if I were on a motorcycle no doubt I would be seriously injured or dead. I guess the lesson is to just double check???
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    NP. it is good to get many perspectives on this issue. i echo your opinion that a loud exhaust/engine will only marginally help. i think it just as moterbikers we just have to watch ourselves and not rely on lights and the law, LOL.
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    Ill just escape from the cops I wanna get outlawed quiet freaking sucks pieces of goddang craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap junky old dedos.
  11. Law of probability sh*t gonna happen no matter what, just hope I survive mine without any injury in zee future.
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    I agree with Steve 100%. You have to ride with your head on a swivel at all times. Making more noise just pisses off the neighbours, and makes it tougher for those of us that just want to have fun riding. I really enjoy the sound of a good running engine, but don't feel I have the right to invade the space of everyone around me by making unnecessary excessive noise.
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