Be careful with your money even with high post count users

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    Just had quite a bad transaction with a user that I will not say his name. Paid for something minus shipping using paypal. Waited 2 weeks to get a shipping quote. After the two weeks, The seller claims that he was ready to ship the item but my bank took back the money from his paypal account. I was ****ed at paypal and called them 5 times minimum. They all say that everything is good on my side and that my money went through. Just for the record, they couldn't get the original request from my first bank and got a negative charge on my account which I quickly paid off.

    I was told that since my bank was verified that they will first pay off the seller and then try to get back the money from me. If they can't I will get a negative charge.

    I kept asking the seller if he contacted but they would only reply saying that their account is NEGATIVE every 2-3 days and not answering any of my questions.

    The 5th paypal rep said that I am most likely being taken for a ride and to file a claim which I did. Within less than 2 minutes the seller replies using's PM and not the paypal dispute's box as I requested. The next day I got my money refunded and have the seller making outrageous claims that I am using a fake bank and all that BS.

    Another thing that the seller said was that paypal told him was that the only way for him to get the money is for him to ship the item to me. The seller also said that they still haven't received the money from me and I used a fake bank account (which I said earlier). I have a fake bank account and didn't pay them but he have to ship the item? The more I think of it the more I'm ****ed that there are people trying to screw others over for money.

    I just want to see if you think that paypal screwed up or was the seller trying to pull off a quick one.
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    I had a bad transaction on eBay last year. The only one I've ever had on line ever. I returned a bad item to seller, they refused to refund or send me a replacement. Sent me nasty e:mails and such. I contacted PayPal. They asked me to forward all the nasty grams I received from the seller. PayPal got it straightened out in no time and got my money back.
    I don't have a clue how or why the bank got involved in your situation. You have to have a legitimate bank account registered with PayPal or a PayPal account with enough funds in it to cover the cost before you can purchase through PayPal. At least that's my understanding. I think PayPal would have known if you had using false banking information. I doubt you can pull something over with PayPal that's equivelant to writting a bad check.
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    Wait a minute. I re-read you post. How did you pay for the item. If you paid using PayPal, there shouldn't have been a problem. If you put money in his PayPal account some other way, then I can understand why you might have encountered some problems with the bank or whom ever. I make all my online purchases exclusively through PayPal. Never had a problem with them, and they did come to my defense once when needed, and did a great job. I've been using PayPal for about as long as they've existed. Several years. If you don't have an account with them, I reccomend that you get one.
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    I think you should have sorted this out privately first and gotten a definitive answer yourself to that question before publicly making accusations you're not sure of.

    Then, if you are certain, indeed bring it up and see if the guy man's up to what you're saying.
    There have been sellers outed here before, though they were operating on ebay.
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    Not much of a revelation there.
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    I probably didn't explain it right. My old bank had insuficient funds. This caused me to incur a temporary negative balance which I straightened out by using my bank account with sufficient funds. The moment I get docked for money, the seller gets his money. If I didn't pay it, I would get a monthly bill with intrest and the whole nine yards.

    I paid using paypal and got refunded after filing a claim. I was out of $130 and the seller was said that he received payment when I first asked aout it. Two weeks later he says that paypal said that I had never paid and he now have a "Negative Balance" in one message. In another message he said that paypal instructed him to ship the product so that they can release a hold on the money. In the final message, he said that I used a fake bank account and they told him that I still haven't paid.

    On my calls to paypal, they say that he have recieved the money the instant that it was sent and it was between them and me to clear up my bank issues.

    The things that he is saying are impossible.

    Happy Valley, did you see a name in any of my posts? You wern't the one out of $130 and knew that you wern't going to get it back unless certain actions were taken. Your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If you didn't fully read my above post, you have no right to critisize my course of action. I did mention that he responds every 2-3 days and not answering any of the questions that I asked. That is clearly the sign of someone who doesn't and will not work out anything.

    There is no way that paypal will have a policy where they will retract money from a seller who may have already shipped the product.
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    I remember reading this post yesterday. I didn't offer any answer because it seemed "murky" to me. But I think I can offer a couple of thoughts now.

    You mentioned that you started off by making a payment for the purchase price with no shipping included. You also mentioned that this (?) payment was made on an account with insufficient funds.

    I think it's likely that somewhere someone's books aren't balancing as a result. Maybe books aren't balancing in a few different spots.

    That's a very likely cause of your trouble. And there would be no need for evil intent from anyone involved. It would still be screwed up.
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    I'm a simple person. These are yes or no questions.

    Did you ever get the product?

    If not, was it supposed to be shipped by now?

    Did you get your money back?
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    What's the subject title to your thread? You are insinuating a member here, and one who has apparently been around a while because of a high post count, of attempting to rip you off. What's your point in posting? I'm empathetic that you say you're out money but if the reason for posting is to caution others and you are definite in you claims you should name the member. We have only heard your side of it. Otherwise it's just accusation and innuendo.
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    He has a high post count but haven't been around long. That is why I said "high post count" and didn't say "been around long". There is no definate way of knowing anyone's intent therefore I just gave a warning to those who believe that someone can be trusted based on a high post count.

    The fact that paypal told me that he received the money, that their policy doesn't allow them to do what he said that they did and they told me to file a claim to receive my refund is enough to throw this fair warning out there.

    I don't agree with your way or thinking nor will I ever will so I'll end this discussion with you.

    No, the product was never shipped. But I did get a refund after filing a claim for never receiving my item.

    I don't know why he was angry to refund the money that he said that I never sent in the first place.